‘It’s been 5years of peace, fives years after the defeat of Gaza. We all thought it was all over; well for a moment it felt like it. And hey, I broke the sacred rule, I got married to Arthur and yes, I stood against anyone who tried to oppose our Union. For crying out loud I am in love with this man, whoever had made up that God forsaking rule did it out of selfish reasons! Damn the consequences, my sister Tori paid the prize already and I would not let it be in vain…

Her desire was I find happiness, and there is no better happiness than being in the hands of Arthur…

So yeah, my mind was made up and I got married to the man of my dreams. I had always dreamt of my first child, would it be a boy or a girl? If it’s a boy, I was sure he would look like his father and if it’s a girl then it should be me. During this time, one thought refused to blink, what if my child has powers like me, or even more than me. Few months after my wedding to Arthur things went smoothly, the kingdom was still in good hands until I got a vision of an impending doom at the birth of a child, a child who would cause the dark moon. I was so certain of the day this child would be born, and so I resolved to alert the council the next day. But then, I discovered I was pregnant tith a child!. I had to keep this revelation a secret, even from my husband.

Months later the moon elites can see my protuding tummy and there are gossips on how my child would look like. Right from inside my tummy she could already move object with her mind, she could control my thoughts and communicate with me. There is no doubt then, I was sure she was going to be extremely powerful enough to be a tyrant, just like the one I saw in my vision.

“She carries a demon in her womb! It is as a result of the abominable marriage she had, the elites had decided to punish her and punish this generation for permitting this foolishness”

First of all it was a seer like me who had the guts to pout this nonsense! My child a demon? What fallacy. I smote the old man who could not keep his mouth shut… All the elites put together would not dare challenge me.

Sally was with me on this one, my child cannot be a demon. And Arthur, well you know he would do anything for his child.

Finally it is a girl, I was in labour for 3 days and the moment my child graced the land of the living the moon went dark. I could not see her beautiful eyes cos it was all dark, bloody dark.

The winds settled on the palace roof top, and the ocean divided in two, a sudden storm caused a hundreds of shipwreck. Arthur had to entrust her tender hands to a canvan bracelet!

It was confirmed! She is a demon! An abomination, an offspring of my sin.

The people I sacrificed everything for turned against me! They were going to kill my daughter, they called me a mother to a demon…

Kivach the army commander led a war against me and my daughter. Of course Sally stood with me and so did Arthur. We left the palace in search of a refuge for my daughter…

Now we are hunted not by hundreds of bounty hunters, hungry beast in search of my daughter’s powers but also by my own people (the moon elites) who once served me.

I fear for my daughter, her powers is too much. I feel it’s going to explode inside of her.

I fear not for her safety but for what she is going to become, would it be a savior, or a demon?’

Sara tossed her diary to fire set in the woods, she had written all that needs to be said. Now it’s war for survival, and if anyone should be enlightened, they should be thoroughly taught that she would walk through hell for her daughter… And if they want war, she’ll give it to them…
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Moon walker 2




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