Learn how to make a full-time living as a freelance writer

Learn how to make a full-time living as a freelance writer

Learn how to make a full-time living as a freelance writer

Do You Know How Important Passion is in Your Business? 
I once read the story of a man who was actually a bad writer. He was so bad at writing, nothing he put down was good enough and he was already marked as a terrible writer. No one would hire his services.
So he got a coach, and even this coach couldn’t help but tell him to quit writing. But he didn’t quit. He relaxed instead on his random writing activities and started to write with more focus, on subjects he was passionate about.
So one day, he wrote a review about a book and sent it to his coach to read. The coach read it and almost refused to believe he was the one that wrote it. He had to probe deep to be sure his client was really the one who wrote it.
Now, this client had eventually discovered, he loves to write reviews. But he dumped that idea and wanted to be like every other regular writer out there, churning out different articles. Or like the business writers churning out business articles.
But ever since he relaxed and focused on his review writing, he was making headway. In fact, the review he gave his mentor to read was already paid for. 
This is not a made up story. It is real, shared by one of the most popular bloggers in the US. In fact, he was the coach the writer hired to help him.
Having read this guy’s story, it’s your turn. Can You Identify Your Writing Niche?
This is another new week; another chance for you to find your passion and turn it into a gold mine.
Your freelance writing career will kick off on a solid footing when you know what you’re passionate about. And the good part is that you can be passionate about one or more writing niches. But I will advise that you stick to only two niches. At most, and use those niches to rake in a whole lot of income.
If you think you’re passionate about more than two niches, sure, no problem with that, as long as you’re able to manage all 3, without tripping over.
The internet is built in a way that gives room for every kind of writing you can think about. What you mostly need at the end of the day, is
–          Finding your niche

–          The right positioning

–          The right marketing

–          The right audience
You and I know that without finding your niche, you would never be able to position yourself right. Let alone know what writing services to market, or the kind of audience you should go after. 
 As for me, I’m passionate about fiction stories and teaching online business to writers. As a fiction story writer, there are genres I do not accept, e.g Science fiction, erotica, crime, horror, thriller. These are not my thing, so I wouldn’t accept jobs in this genre.
Since I know I wouldn’t accept such jobs when a client comes to me, I’ll be sure to let him/her know what I write, and what I don’t write.
So think this through today. Think deeply of what you write passionately about because it is going to be your best niche. I’ll be glad to get your reply on this, listing your passion. It’s very important.

In this book, “No Bullshit Guide To Making A Full-Time Living As A Freelance Writer, the different kinds of niches are listed and explained, and everything else to help you start from zero to paid, are treated in it.
What to expect?
1.  This book will teach you how to identify your writing niche, as well as expose you to the highest paying form of writing we have presently.


2.  It will show you the challenges writers face and the steps to overcoming these challenges


3.  It will show you the basic tools you need to aid your writing


4.  How to build a strong voice/brand for your writing career


5.  How to market your writing services and get well paid


6.  How to use Facebook and Instagram to boost publicity


5.  There are also samples of email marketing letters you can use for your online marketing

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Learn how to make a full-time living as a freelance writer

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