Jonas had a meeting to attend with some foreign investors. He had promised Jane it would be an opportunity to have some quality time with Davies since he would be sending both of them to replace him. Jane willingly jumped at the offer, she had offered her body to Jonas so he could grant he Davies, and it seemed as if Jonas was living up to his promise already. At first she was scared he would not give in when he has gotten what he wanted but now he surprised her.

“Davies you would be representing me in the meeting with our new investors today”

Davies shot his father than uninteresting look before he muttered

“Dad I don’t feel like it”

It was actually what Jonas had expected from him.

“Davies if you are planning to head this company then you must begin to step up like a man that you are, okay let’s say you finally get to meet Coco someday, is this how you want to meet her? Like this?”

His hands helped to describe how disgusting he felt Davies was.

Davies thought about it for a minute before he concluded it was a wise option.

“Alright Dad I’ll go, I think it’s time for me to move on”

The sudden joy that filled Jonas’ heart was one he could not contain, he screamed


And brought Davies on his feet for a tight hug.

“That’s my boy! That’s my boy!”

Davies had to smile now, he had not seen his father this true to what he feels that he goes an extra mile to express it.

“Emm you would be going with Jane”

Jonas decided it was time to ruin the perfect moment temporarily.

“With who?”
“Davies please, like you said, you want to move on, even if you don’t like her now then just give her a chance to prove her love to you, who knows, you might finally discover you still have some love left in your heart for her”

Davies didn’t want to start any argument so he agreed.

It is a business meeting not some date so it doesn’t mean much, they would talk about nothing but strictly business.

They arrived the meeting venue 30minutes earlier than their visitors. It is Jonas’ tradition to be always seated in wait for his visitors. It was a popular bar in the city that is only graced by the rich and wealthy, it had this calm atmosphere with the mix of cool jazz that makes the environment worth staying.

30 minutes past the proposed investors are nowhere to be found. Davies begins to think it was just a set up to make sure he goes out with Jane. And judging from the way Jane began to cling to his arm and rest her head on his shoulder he confirmed it. It’s a set up!

“If you would excuse me I want to use the restroom”

He gently pushed her head of his shoulder with a finger and found his way to the restroom.

Jane watched with smiles as he disappeared into the restroom, it was like a dream come true having Davies go out with her.

Well her smiles soon varnised when the proposed investors arrived. It was just one man and his wife she assumed. As they walked towards their table she signalled to them and the moment they got close, the supposed lady appeared to be her worst nightmare!

“Oh no”

She muttered as she broke out in hot sweat…

“Are you okay?”

The man in question was concerned.

“Where is Jonas, oh I mean Davies because I think Jonas mentioned Davies would be here to represent him”

Jane’s eyes went wide when she realised that Davies gracing this meeting would be the end of the years she had toiled to have Davies. Now when she is this close the demon comes to ruin it?

“Please excuse me”

She hurried to the restroom, she didn’t care if it was the inscription on the entrance was boldly written *gentlemen*, she entered still.

“What the fuck!”

A man screamed when he discovered the person who Caught a glimpse of the most important part of him was a woman.

“What the hell are you doing here woman? You didn’t read the instructions? It’s gentlemen not ladies”

The man went on till Davies realised it was Jane.

“What are you doing here?”

He questioned and hurried to bring her out but she struggled. Her eyes were filled with fear that she shook and trembled against his chest.

“No no! No! Davies you can’t go out! Please I beg you, you can’t go out”

She was shedding painful tears already that Davies wondered.

“What is going on? Are they here already?”

He tried to move again but she held him still.
“Please Davies! I beg you please, she didn’t mind the men who joined Davies to try and talk her out of the restroom. Davies has to remain there.

“Davies please just wait here please, just for few minutes I beg you!”

Davies understood immediately that something was fishy out there and hell yes! He wants to see. He forced his way out and hurried to their table. The more he got closer the more his steps weakened till he stood face to face with the one who makes his heart beat. With wide eyes and shaky breathe he muttered

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