It’s been three years now and the king’s family were beginning to forget about Coco except Davies…the end of Coco and Edward’s era brought some sort of tranquility that they could once breathe fresh air and live with complete peace of mind. The girls returned to stay with their husbands, making Jane over zealous to make Davies her husband since it was now a little difficult to have her hide and seek sex with Callis, not when the legal wife is around him 24/7.

“When are we getting married Davies?”

She caught Davies sober in his room again but she ignored and went straight to her reason for being there, she knew the only reason a tear would drop from Davies’ eyes is Coco so she didn’t bother herself to ask.

He was quiet as usual so she went on ranting.

“Davies what else do you want from me? How do you want me to prove that I love you so much? I have been with you now for almost four years, clinging to your side, I was with you when Coco left you for dead, but then how do you repay me? Huh! You treat me like am nothing! I am here waiting for us to get married, at least as a prize for all I have been through with you…”

She didn’t realize she was crying until a tear dropped on her right arm; she wiped it off but another fell and another till she let it pour out.

“There is nothing that would change my mind about you Jane, it’s not my fault, I just can’t force it, the love is not there…even in death, I would still chose Coco”
“Davies you can learn to love me”

He was sitting on his bed so she knelt down and held his right arm.

“You can if you try, it’s because you are not putting in any effort that is the reason you feel you can’t love me, if you can just put in the effort you would realize you’ve always loved me”

Davies remained quiet until he broke it up when he replied

“I will never love you Jane, the earlier you realize that, the better”

Jane stormed out of his room and resolved to meet Jonas for help.

Jonas was now after the welfare of his son, he knew just what Davies had gone thru years back when Jane left him for another man, his initial force on Jane getting married to Davies ended when Coco and Edward were confirmed gone from their lives…now he wasn’t so keen about seeing his son getting married to Jane, he felt she can’t be trusted, but the fact remains that his eldest son is single and he was not ready to pay another woman to try and accomplish what Coco did, he knew Coco had stolen Davies’ heart already, plus he was not ready to put his family at risk again…

“I don’t know what to do, he won’t oblige, he is so stubborn, and see I am not getting any younger, I need to get married, I am woman with needs, I have desires…”

Jonas was beginning to understand where she was driving at…

“If you have needs, then it isn’t compulsory it must be my son that would satisfy you, you have me, I can do better than what my son can ever offer you, the money, and anything you want”

Jane went quiet and pensive, the thought of her needs involved flooded her mind. It wasn’t about the money, it was just her needs as a woman, she wants a child of her own, a family of her own and damn she needs sex! Callis is barely available now, so she felt Jonas might fill the gap while she still pushes for the one she desires. She wanted to hit the table and spit on Jonas’ face, telling him how useless he is trying to woe his son’s wife to be… But instead she cleared and throat and clarified

“Emm…this has to be between us, and it doesn’t mean that I don’t love Davies, I love him okay? And he must not know about this”

She warned with shaky hands, still wondering if what she was about to do was right.

“Of course, I won’t spit a word to him…”
Love is a game

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