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The weather seemed to understand the pain that wroth through Coco’s heart, it opened up and poured rain to drench bitter Coco as she laid beside Edward with tears filled eyes. Bruce got there minutes later but Coco was gone, and he sensed there had been a tussle, he only saw blood with no trace of Coco nor Edward. It was like they varnished into thin air.


Davies opened his eyes after a week, and unfortunately the first person he desired to see wasn’t the one who stood over his face. It was Jane, smiling broadly.

“Where is Coco?”

He asked faintly with a frown lined up on his forehead. Jane’s smile varnished to a frown, and then back to a wicked smile when she confidently replied…

“She is gone Davies, gone for good, you would not be seeing her again. So much for the woman you claim loves you, after your sacrifice for her she left you when you needed her the most!”

Davies was quiet for a while, probably trying to sink in the venomous words that came out of Jane’s mouth.

“What have you done to Coco?”

His next question came, it proved he didn’t believe Coco would leave him, certainly not when he was placed on a bridge of life and death for her.

“Don’t you get? Wait, you didn’t hear what I just said? She left you dear, why? are you still blind? Up till now you can’t see the writings on the wall? The girl was just after your money, and when she discovered you had a slim chance of coming out of this alive, she left! Because she never loved you! I was the only one who stood by your side Davies, only me!”
“Get out!”

Davies hollered with his last strength, soon he began to lose consciousness.


Jane screamed out in fear. Luckily the doctors were just few metres from the ward, they hurried in and asked Jane out as they stabilized Davies back to normal.

Few hours later Jonas and the boys were back in the hospital when they heard Davies had received consciousness. 

Jonas was beyond happy, just that he noticed Davies didn’t share in his joy.

“Where is Coco?”

He kept asking, and night over nights he soaked his pillow with tears till he was strong enough to be discharge from the hospital.

“Where is Coco?”

Then one language he kept asking that Jonas got frustrated.

“Shut up! Shut up! She left you alright, Coco and whatever her name his left you! She didn’t come to visit you one day…”
“That’s a lie”

Davies Interrupted…

“I felt her presence when I was in comma. I felt her touch me, i felt her say ‘My Davies’ I can’t be wrong about that”
“Then you must be dreaming, like it’s normal for someone in a comma to subconsciously dream of the people they think they love, because I made sure that witch never crossed the door to see you son…I made sure of that!”

Davies eyes turned red instatenously.

“You did what?”
“Son, that girl has brought nothing but pain to this family, she is the one who placed you in this condition”
“No, I chose to be in this condition, I chose to save her, stop blaming her for things she didn’t do dad, it was my decision, I could have walked away but I didn’t, I fought because I chose to, not because she forced me to”
“Yes that’s the point son, if she never existed or if she had left us a long time ago, you would not have to fight and put your life in danger”

Davies was quiet, he was still on a wheelchair for support so he could not act on his rage. He simply rolled himself out to a quiet place where he remained sober.


Days turned to weeks, weeks to months and months to years, Coco never showed up. And Davies remained single, searching all over the city and beyond for her.
Love is a game




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