Coco was getting stressed with Davies adventures. All her plans to lure him to her needs were totally fruitless.

He noticed she was stressed out, but he didn’t care, he was going to pay her a huge sum of money, so she we would definitely work for it.

“Alright, we are going to see my family now”
“Oh come on Davies, I just got to the country not up to 4hours, and you’ve been tossing me around, can we see your family tomorrow?”

Davies had booked a reservation in a five star hotel, one that would house Coco for a week. He needed things to be swiftly done, it has to be perfect, no mistakes.

“Drive us to the hotel”

Coco couldn’t hide the enthusiasm that enriched her. She beamed with smiles and appreciated him.

“Thanks Davies, you the best!”

Unexpectedly, he spurned her new found Joy when he explained what he meant.

“You are going to the hotel to freshen up, so you can be presentable, you can’t meet my brothers and certainly not my father in this bizarre state”

Her initial thrill zapped dry. She shut her eyes and took a deep breathe.

“Calm down Coco, Calm down…it’s just business”

She needed to remind her subconscious mind, so it wouldn’t impair her chance of hitting Nigeria with billions of naira.

She squealed at the sight of the five star hotel even before she alighted from the car.

“Somebody pinch me!”

And Davies did pinch her.

“What? You requested it, now come on”

She admired the counter with various receptionists. The white lady that attended to them was one whose beauty made her think God cheated her.

She was perfectly made, a blonde on a female suit jacket. Her accent was superfluous, well balanced and comforting.

“Hello good evening”

She greeted and instantly Coco fell in love.

“Oh my, are you for real?”
Coco watched as Davies interacted and got the key card.

“Have a nice stay sire, and you too madam”

Davies wouldn’t let her take time to wear her make up.

“Would you hurry up, we don’t have all day”

He said out loud, he wasn’t ready to be delayed with her exuberant will to have the whole of Africa on her face.

“Hold on for Christ sake, I’m almost done”
“Well hurry up!”

She was out now, dressed in a dark peplum gown, an ankle booties and a stiletto Bag to match. Her hair were neatly pinned, she wore a red lips gloss, drew her eye lid perfectly well, with a little blush to fit.

He stood caught off guard for a minute or two.

“Well? What do you think?”

She wasn’t too confident of her choice of cloths, and with her discovery that Davies was bad-mouthed, she wasn’t expecting anything nice.
“Perfect, let’s go”

He ignited her confidence and within a few minutes she stood in front of a mansion, almost like a castle.

“Wow this is huge”
“Come on”.

Davies urged her, virtually connoting that her mouth agape and eyes wide open were totally inappropriate.

“My brothers are complete assholes, don’t fall for their tricks”

He warned and led the way in.

“You welcome sire”

Another heavenly made white lady, she was a maid but didn’t look like it.

Coco was amazed, in Nigeria it is way obvious to spot the maid in any house.

“Good evening madam”

Coco smiled and waved at her. She was perfectly sure that if she spend more than a week in this country, she might undermine her country’s sacred rule and become a lesbian.

“Whoa, who is this chick?”

Jake was first to spot her.

He was better copy of Davies, far more handsome and cute. She was still a little shaky but he seemed cool.

“Hi, I’m Jake”

Callis appeared next. She couldn’t help but gasp at the sight. She quickly drew Davies near before Callis got near.

“Davies, I just realized that you are far from handsome”


“Coco, concentrate, don’t let them sway you”

He warned but she didn’t pay attention.

“Hey chick, am callis…and you are?”

She shook his hands, oh his soft hands

“Coco, Callis, we’re meant to be together don’t you agree?” He teased with confidence, a smile at his cornered lips.

She flushed and felt colours rising to her cheek.

“Ok ok that’s it boys, back off, that’s my wife”
“Ahhhhh, wifey? Davies since when did you become a talented liar?”

Jake spurned his words with a sarcastic tone.

“I have a wife too, we both have got good wives you know”

Callis announced when he snapped and fingers, with two blondes following the tune.

“So you got an African chick, nice catch bro”

Jake said next as he threw his arms around his supposed wife.

“Listen, we all know these chicks are for business, so stick to the plan and don’t us get exposed”

Davies pointed out and got the nods of his gang.

Coco couldn’t believe these guys worked to deceive their father. It was none of her business anyway.

“Is father in?
“yeah, the dude is in, I think with a chick”

Davies didn’t mind, he was going to see him anyway.


Just as Jake revealed, he was well guarded with hot strippers. Davies couldn’t imagine this man, the dude has got 6months to live and yet he couldn’t stay off strippers?

“Dad, meet Coco, my wife”

Coco was a little timid, her smiles wouldn’t hide that fact either.


His age didn’t hide the grey moustache that pegged in bits around his Jaw, his eyes, though dim, were cute and soulful.

And when he finally spoke out, Coco understood why the ladies are crazy about him. His voice was just as sexy as his masculinity.

“Why don’t I get back to you Davies, let the lady have some rest, and you come back let’s have a chit chat”

Coco digested his words like pizza. The sound of ‘rest’ calmed her nerves. It was the word she had desired it grace reality. And yes, it was before her. She winked at unpleased Davies and led the way out.

Now she was relaxed filled with pleasant imaginations on how to spend her money credited to her account when Davies brought the impossible before her.


He continued when her mouth stood agape with no words coming out.

“We just have to get married, we would get divorced afterwards…no strings attached, no sex either…are you in?”

Would she say she didn’t take time to think it true before she replied.

“Alright I’m in”


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