CHAPTER 44 (Intermission)
Coco could not believe what she heard. It’s impossible! Like Edward just got into jail, how can he escape jail within a week? Is that even possible.

“Jerny calm down, who told you this? Who knows, they might just be trying to pull your legs”

Jerny didn’t sound like the news was fake, she was damn serious

“Coco it’s the truth, he is out, Bruce told me himself!”

Jerny was almost in tears now. She was thinking of what Edward might do to her for betraying him.

“He’ll skin me alive Coco”

She said with fear in her eyes.

“No Jerny calm down, he would do nothing. I would take care of this. Now that Edward is free, there is only one place he would head to”

Coco met Bruce just outside the safe house. She charged at him and pushed him to stagger backwards.

“How could you let that bastard escape huh? You guys know nothing! You are all rookies!”
“Coco calm down, we are going to get him within the next 24hours, there is nowhere to hide, his picture is everywhere in the city as most wanted, he can’t even leave the city”

Bruce assured Coco but she wasn’t convinced. She knew what she had to do.

“Alright I need a gun”

Her sudden request made Bruce frown.

“What for?”
“For protection, I need to protect myself”
“Coco that is why you are placed in this safe house, if you would just remain here, you would be safe”

Bruce tried convincing her but she knew better.

“Oh please, are you giving me or not? Nigga I know Edward okay? I know where he is heading to as we speak, please I need the gun, once i am certain of his whereabouts I would inform you immediately”

Bruce was quiet for a while as he stared at Coco’s extended hands. After much thought he placed a pistol in her hands and a tracker.

“I am not supposed to do this, and if I am caught I would be penalized, so please be careful and keep the tracker on, it would help locate you”


“What are you up to?”

The question startled Jane a bit. It was her little sister standing at the threshold with folded arms.

“It’s none of your business”
“When will you stop Jane, the guy doesn’t love you anymore, why is it difficult for you to understand”

Jane got irritated

“That’s because he thinks Coco still loves him, when he discovers she hates him with passion, or discovers she is dead, he has no other option than to come back to me. You know I paid Edward a visit and he revealed a very important secret that would tear them apart”

Jane said with a letter in her hands.

“What’s that?”

Jane held the paper up before she replied

“Oh this? It’s a letter from Coco to Davies, as soon as he wakes up, it would be the first thing he reads”

Jane’s plan was perfect already, and when she is done, it would be the end of Coco and the love she has for Davies.


Coco knew Edward would be heading to the hospital now. She knew he can easily send an hitman to do the job but he would not. He would want to be certain Davies is dead, and to achieve that he has to do the job himself.

She stood in front of the hospital and checked all the tall buildings around. Edward would not take the risk to go into the hospital, it has to be a sniper.

“Come on come on… where are you Edward…where…”

Her words got stuck in her mouth when she spotted the tiny red reflection of a sniper.

“Bruce!” She called on her way up to the three storeyed uncompleted building. 

“I found him, hurry”

She fell and bruised her arm. She knew she would not make it in time, Edward would finish the Job even before she gets up there. She had to create a distraction, one that would give the impression that the cops where already in the building. She shot two bullets as she hurried upstairs. Edward heard the gunshots and quickly dropped the sniper to dig out his pistol.

He hid behind the door in wait for whoever the intruder would be.

Coco wasn’t careful enough, the moment she entered Edward grabbed her hands, knocked off the gun in her hands and released a bullet into her arm. She screamed in pain but she didn’t fall to the ground as Edward expected. She retialated and knocked the gun off his hands. She was quick to go after the gun the moment it got out of Edward’s hands.

Edward charged after her in an attempt to stop her from getting the gun. Too late, she took a dive and landed just in front of the gun. Edward jumped on her and was going to knock the gun off her hands but she sent bullets through his chest.

He staggered backwards. She didn’t stop shooting till every bullet in the gun pierced his chest.

He fell to the ground and groaned in pain.


He winced in pain with hurtful tears dripping from his eyes.

“You didn’t miss this time huh, you’ve finally had you wish, that I die by your hands”

Coco had that tearful frown on her face already.

“I did nothing but love you Christiana, I picked you from the streets, trained you, fed you….gave you everything you ever wanted…I loved you…”

He was dying, his tone began to grow weak.

“And what did I get in return? You chose me over the very family that made your life miserable, the very family that took everything from you, that pushed you into the street to die”

Coco didn’t understand what he meant.

“Wait what do you mean?”

She dropped the gun and picked his head onto her thigh 


With his last strength he dug his hands into his pocket and brought out the tape

“I hope you always remember, that you murdered the one person that gave you life, I hope you always remember that you sided with the same people that took your life from you. I…I hope you always remember…that …that Davies never loved you…And I hope you realize that Jonas is the real mon… monster”

That was it, he was gone. And she played the tape.

“Say it or this bullet goes in your Brain”

It was Edward’s voice.

“Okay okay. It was 21years ago. I committed a sin against mankind, I ordered the murder of more than a hundred people on a flight to Canada…and Coco’s parent where in that flight”

It was no mistake, it was Jonas’ voice!

“Say you took her life from her you son of a bitch”
“I took Coco’s life from her, i murdered her parents and sent her into the streets, I didn’t care who was in that plane, all I cared about was how to end my enemy, I didn’t care how many people I render fatherless, motherless, or even an orphan…”
“And Davies?”
“I told Davies about it, He knows”

The tape fell from her hands. Her heart was torn, the pain was too much, too much that she felt she would collapse, for a minute she could not breathe.

“What? You love him? What if you find out what they have done to you in the past? Huh? What if you find out what Jonas did in the past?”

She remembered Edward’s words and all the times he was going to tell her.

Tears were dropping from her eyes uncontrollably.


She muttered

“No…” Her hands were shaking, her heart raced with pain, her brain felt like it would explode. With a loud voice she screamed out and tore her shirt.

“Nooooo! Arrrggghhh! Arrrggghhh! 
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