Coco was not at rest now, what was Edward referring too? Did Davies cheat on her or what?

She waved the thought off, Davies can never cheat on her…she was sure of that.

“You’ve had something to eat?”

Jerny asked when she noticed Coco pacing with a perplexed face.

“You should eat something”

She continued when Coco remained speechless. The talk went on without any reply from Coco, finally Coco opened her mouth to say something; Jerny was probably thinking it would be a request for food. She had not eaten for over 24hours, surely she must be starving.

“I am going to the hospital”

She couldn’t believe her ears.

“Wait Coco I know you love this guy but this is madness, Jonas has the cops guiding his son, and he left strict orders that you be arrested if you venture anywhere close”
“Yeah I know all that but I have to see him, Jerny I would die of heartache here if I don’t see Davies, I can’t bear this okay. I am not used to this love thing, but Davies is different, I don’t think I can breathe knowing he lies on an hospital bed because of me”

Jerny sighed and was quiet for a while. She kept that intense stare at Coco before she breathe out.

“Okay, but be careful, you’ll need to disguise as a doctor”


Jane was awake now, she hurried to Davies’ ward when she heard Davies was in comma.

“My daughter”

Jonas moved to hug her. Jake did the same, but Callis stood still, staring at her with one suspicious look. He knew Jane had something to do with his brother’s predicament.

Jane noticed his stare but ignored like he didn’t exist.

“Your are hurt?”

Jonas moved on to ask.

“The cops said you were found in the scene”

Jane was goin to stammer but she composed herself.

“Yeah yeah…I ..I emm..Edward, he kidnapped me and was going to kill me, he shot me”

She began to feign tears that Jonas had pity on her.

“It’s okay my dear, you are safe now, Edward is in prison”

Only Callis remained unmoved with her little drama. He shook his head when she stole a glance to proved he didn’t buy her story.

“What did you do bitch! If I find out that you had anything to do with my brother’s….”
“I didn’t do anything!”

Jane interrupted Callis. They were alone now. Jonas hurried to the office for an emergency. Jake went home to change clothes.

“You think I bought your cooked up story? Huh? You liar!”

He grabbed her the back of her neck and pushed her when she tried to scream.

“If anything happens to my brother you are dead! I would rat you out…”

Callis looked to see if anyone was paying attention before he continued.

“I am sure my father would love to know his dear daughter in-law has been having hot sex with other son”
“Don’t you dare, if you value your penniless life, don’t you dare…”

Jane threatened with narrowed eyes. Callis should know she would do anything to secure her place in the king’s family.

“What the hell bitch are you threatening me? Huh? You threatening me?”
“Please Sir this is an hospital, keep your voice down”

The warning from a nurse came to seal the little tussle.


Coco had successfully stolen a doctor’s coat and telescope. She had just one problem now. Jane sat close to the entrance of the ward.

“Oh God why now”

She muttered but she wouldn’t give it up. Her face was covered so she wasn’t too worried that Jane might figure it was her.

She went for the door when Jane called.

“Doctor, how is he?”

She was going to reply when she figured Jane might recognize her voice so she simply nodded her head and entered.

‘My Davies’

A tear drop from her eyes and Jane could see from the transparent window shield.

She wouldn’t dare sit close to him. Jane’s eyes were on her like an eagle. She acted like she was trying to run a check up on him.

She stepped out of the ward the same moment the real Doctor arrived to check on Davies.

Jane immediately figured it was Coco.

“Hey you! Get back here!”

There was no point waiting, Coco ran off with the security running after her.

She barely escaped and got back to the Police safe house. She met Jerny with fear written on her face.

“What is it Jerny?”
“He escaped, Edward broke out of Jail. It only means Davies would never make it out of comma, it means we are all dead”
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