The sound of the ambulance proved Bruce was true to his words.

He gave Coco that I-told you-look that she had to surrender the gun.

“Well? Help him up!”

She screamed out when they lingered. She followed into the van and prayed so hard that her fears won’t be actualized. Davies didn’t look like someone who was going to breathe air in the next one hour. She was so scared, she bit fingers till it brought her pain.

Davies can’t die. Not now.

“You are so foolish Davies”

She muttered with tears dripping from her eyes.

“Hey ma’am you can go past this point”

A nurse cautioned, Davies was in the emergency room now. The experts were doing their best to resuscitate him.

She could hear them say

“We are losing him, step it up”
Each call made her heart miss.


“Where is my son!”

Jonas charged in with Jake and Callis tailing from behind. He didn’t notice Coco standing at the far end with hands crossed until after a few minutes.

“What are you doing here? This is because of you right, you caused this, you did this to my son!”

He was approaching Coco with red eyes that Jake had to stand in the way to prevent him from getting to Coco.

Callis simply stood with folded arms, if his father wants to tear her apart then he should go ahead. 

“Get out now!”
“Please Sir, let me stay, I need to stay with Davies, please I beg you”

Coco pleaded with tears filled eyes. She didn’t know if she would be able to think straight if she wasn’t by Davies’ side.

“I said get out! So you’ve not done enough huh? You want to finish the job and make sure my son do not survive this?”
“Coco I think it’s best you go for now”

Jake beckoned and escorted Coco out when he noticed his father’s rage was getting out of hands.

“Jake please I want to stay”

Coco still pleaded with tears filled eyes. Her eyes were red with tears that Jake eyes welled up with tears too.

“You will Coco, I promise you…just go for now, I would let you see him when the time is right”


“Is it ready?”

Edward asked when Luke came to visit. He wasn’t planning to stay in jail for long.

“Boss, it’s going to be difficult, the evidence against you is much. Jerny exposed the hidden drugs”
“That bitch! Send her to the pit!”

Edward ordered

“That would be difficult boss, she is the police safe house”

Edward was quiet for a while before he said.

“Then it’s going to be plan B. Coco and Davies better watch out, cos the moment I get out of here, it’s going to be the day they bid mother Earth farewell!”

Luke still sat with Edward when Coco approached them with red eyes. Her thoughts were burning with rage, if she were to act on it, she was certain she would join Edward in jail.

“If anything happens to Davies, I’m gonna kill you”

She said.

“Leave us”

Edward instructed Luke and turned to Coco when Luke was safely out of sight.

“Time up!”

The police were already coming to get Edward back to his cell.

“Okay Christiana, I would send you a record, so you would discover you’ve been fighting on the wrong side, and it’s going to make you look like a fool, for fighting for the one who made your life wretched!”
© Onyeneke Abel . July 2nd 2018 all rights reserved.
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