Davies breathing was beyond normal. He had to do something else he would lose the only woman he loves. He hid behind the pillar and heard as Edward laughed evilly.

“Come out and play boy”

He tried to stick out his head to pry a little but Edward’s bullet made him resolve back to his hiding position.

“Think think Davies. If you face him you are dead and you have just one bullet left”

He said to himself.

An idea popped up. Edward was holding a pistol which had 10 bullets in it. He had to prompt him to use up all the bullets.


He teased as he made an attempt to face Edward and as expected Edward fired a bullet. He did till it was one bullet left.

“Okay just one left”

He said and took a deep breathe. He tried to lure the bullet out from Edward’s gun but Edward remained still.

“Okay listen kid, I know what game you are playing here. Now it’s either you face me, or this bullet will never come out. Plus you know you’ve got no time left”

Davies shut his eyes as different thoughts flooded his mind. He was certain a bullet would Pierce him the moment he comes out, and it might lead to his immediate death. But then, as Edward had said, there is no time.

Without thinking he charged at Edward and as expected, Edward shot at him, he made a quick shift in an attempt to dodge the bullet, he was quick but still the bullet pierced his arm. He grabbed Edward by the waist and pushed him down to the ground. And then the battle began. He tried to release the last bullet he had in his gun but Edward was quick to knock it off his hands and pushed him off him to land on the floor. Edward tried to go after the gun but Davies would not let him. He grabbed Edward by his leg and got in front of him to reach for the gun. Edward would not permit that either, he took a leap and landed on Davies, using his elbow to his advantage.

Edward got to the gun now and turned to shoot at Davies but Davies was quick to stoop low and sweep Edward off his feet. The gun tossed metres away from them, towards Jerny’s position.

Jerny quickly took the gun and shot at Edward but unfortunately she missed! And there went the only weapon Davies had against Edward.

Davies rolled up his sleeves and got ready to take his enemy down with his fist.

“Haven’t we been through this before? You know how this ends”

Edward teased.

“Well this time would be different, I assure you”

Davies tore off his shirt and tied it around his wounded arm.

He could see a small bottle in Edward’s jacket that carried some strange liquid. He observed it was the antidote.

“Well come on kid, show me what you’ve got”

Davies hesistated and called for Edward to come at him instead.

“Or you are scared I’ll hurt you?”

He teased further and got Edward a little pissed.

Edward charged at him, throwing his fist while Davies dodged all his advances. Davies was waiting for a perfect opportunity to snatch what he wanted. And the opportunity came! He dodged and stooped low to reach for Edward’s Jacket. He whisked past Edward’s arm and dug his hands into his jacket to dig out the antidote. Quickly he threw it to Jerny and held Edward by the waist to prevent him from charging at Jerny.

“Give it to her now!”

He screamed amidst the pain he was going through. Edward grabbed his arm which he had planted a bullet and dug his index finger into his bullet wound.

Davies screamed in pain but held onto Edward still.

Edward struggled and pulled him to close to the window pane where a log of wood laid. He picked it up and wiped Davies legs. Both his legs went weak and wobbled but still he held on.

“Let go you son of a bitch!”

Edward struggled.

Jerny poured all the liquid into Coco’s mouth. Davies was certain Coco opened her eyes before he let go. And Edward didn’t hesistate to land the log of wood on his head.

Immediately blood gushed out, but he wasn’t done yet, he began to beat Davies with the wood till Davies laid half dead, all covered in blood.

“Edward stop! You make another move and this bullet goes straight to your brain!”

Edward paused and turned with a smile, Davies blood all over his face and jacket.

“Get him!”

Bruce ordered; he got Edward handcuffed and dragged out of the warehouse.

“Call the ambulance now!”

Coco could see well now, Davies laid like he was dead already.

“His pause is weak, he won’t last more than 30minutes if he still here”

Bruce observed


Hot tears began to pour from Coco’s eyes.

“Please do something! Please!”

She tried to pick Davies up but he was too heavy for her. She struggled still.

“Please the ambulance would soon be here!”

Bruce tried to calm her down but she wouldn’t listen.

“Well where the fuck is the ambulance! Where! Help me”

Bruce wasn’t listening and coco was not ready to be side tracked.

She reached for a cop and snatched a gun.

“Pick him up now or I’ll blow your brain!”

She ordered with red desperate eyes.
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