Edward had a smile on his face, one that Jane felt was trouble. Why was he smiling at a time like this.

“Why are you smiling? I just said the police are on their way here, and this time they have evidence against you”

Edward’s smile faded out and Jane was beginning to think she had gotten him to think.

She turned to leave when he asked.

“And where do you think you are going?”

His question surfaced a frown on her face.

“What do you mean? I can’t be here when the police comes, I have to go”

Edward’s gun that shot the door in front of her made her squeak in fear.

“You stay here bitch”

Edwards’ words made Jane realised she had gotten herself into a mess.

“Put Davies on the line”

Edward called for Luke and instructed.

“Hey Smart boy, I love your style did I tell ya? But you know the cops is quite a wrong option huh, not when you have your apple here with me. So I’ll cut to the chase, I die, she dies”

The call ended before Davies could say a word.

He stood transfixed for a minute. How did Edward find out? The police raid had to be stopped.

He contacted Bruce, the leader of the SWAT team.

“Hello Bruce, please cancel the operation, there are hostages in there!”

He said in haste. Bruce felt it was rather too late for Davies’ request. And speaking of hostages, it was nothing the cops can’t handle.

“Don’t worry Davies, we have everything under control. Edward has always found a way to escape our grasp for years now. We can’t lose him this time, we have his house surrounded already”

Bruce ended the call before Davies could protest. Davies was sure he heard Bruce mutter

‘Bring Edward to me, dead or alive’ 

Just before he ended the call.


He dug a pistol into his side and hurried out of the mansion.

“Jack! He is going to kill her, he is going to kill Coco”

His voice was full of fear.

“Davies, Davies, calm down, where are you?”
“I am on my way there, I need your help, send help”

Davies ended the call and charged up his car’s engine to increase speed.


Coco could hear some funny noise outside her room. Sounds of guns and men going to and fro. She tried to peep from the door but she couldn’t get a clear vision.

“Something is going on, it was the same feeling I had when we had an ambush back in Nigeria”

She said to Jerny with folded arms.

The door opened before Jerny shared her thoughts.

“You, come with us”

Coco’s question only prompted the men to pick her up and dropped her bundled before Edward.

“Pretty pretty Christiana. It seems this is the end for you. You know you tried to kill me back in Nigeria with an ambush which was an obvious failure, now your lover has tried…”
“Edward you are completely surrounded. Drop all weapons and come out with your hands on your head!”

The call came from the SWAT team sounded loud enough to interrupt Edward.
A good number where already making their way in.

“Okay let’s cut the long story short. I was planning to kill you anyway, just I didn’t plan that now. But then life can do the needful sometimes”
Edward grabbed Coco by her neck and led her through the back door just before the SWAT team barged in.


Davies could hear bullets reverberating as he approached Edward’s lair.

He zoomed into the compound and hurried out of his car.

“What the fuck are you doing here?”

Bruce asked with shock all over his face when he noticed Davies approaching the scene.

“The woman I love is in there, and you don’t fucking care! If Edward dies, she dies!”

Bruce still felt Davies was over reacting.

“Easy Davies, we would get her”

But Davies would not entrust the life of Coco into Bruce hands. He hurried into the war zone despite Bruce call.

He had to crouch down for a while. The bullets flying at every direction could bring him down. He found a quick spot and Dodge into the main house.

He noticed Jane lying with a bullet wound on her right hand.

“Jane? What is she doing here?”

He hurried to her and discovered she was still alive, but unconscious. He called Bruce and gave directions on how they can locate Jane.

“Where are you Davies, we are in the building, don’t do anything rash!”

Bruce said but his words didn’t get to Davies.

He burst his way into every room screaming for Coco.

“Edward took her! Come I can show you, he went through the back door to the safe house”

He met Jerny who was quite weak to leave the room.

“Climb on my back”

Davies said and picked her up onto his back while she gave the direction.

“Behind you!”

She screamed when she noticed one of Edward’s hitmen with a pointed gun at them from behind.

Edward was quick to go down, Jerny was flung from his back as he turned swiftly, his back to the ground as he sent a bullet straight through the enemy’s chest.

“Come on we don’t have much time”

Davies said and picked Jerny to climb on his back again.

They got to the warehouse that was hidden underground. It was just what Edward wanted.

Davies could hear him clapping the moment he entered.

He saw Coco tied to a pillar with blood dripping from her mouth.


He attempted to run towards her but Edward came out with a gun. He quickly retreated and hid behind a pillar.

“Davies,when will you learn that I cannot be defeated, huh? So here is the good news, Coco has been poisoned and would die within the next 30minutes. And you know I am the only one with the antidote, so what is it going to be hero?”
©onyeneke Abel .June 2018 all rights reserved.
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