Jack was a little worried, Davies did not reveal any plan to him. 

“All he said was, I’ll go see him”

Jack replied Felias when he asked.

“Just that? And you let him go boss?”

Jack was quiet, he was beginning to regret sending Davies to go on his own.

“We should go after him, Edward would kill him”

Felias continued as he dug out his pistol from his back.

“No, I believe he has a plan, let’s trust him”


Davies stood with both his hands on his head as the security at the gate searched him thoroughly for any hidden weapon.

Coco was restless, she couldn’t control her breathing. She paced round the room and tried to find a way to open it. Edward had instructed they lock her and Jerny in the room.

“Calm down Coco”
“I can’t, I can’t Jerny, my heart is beating so fast that I feel it’’s..going to…pull out, I am so fucking scared!”

She stopped and looked back to Jerny before she continued.

“Edward is going to kill him Jerny, there is no way he would walk out of here alive”

A tear escaped her eyes.

“What is wrong with him? He is the only reason I still want to fight, he is the reason I can still bear all this. I love him Jerny and now I am going to lose him. I am…am going to fucking lose him, and it’s…it’s so not cool…not cool”

She held her head next with her eyes all wide.

“Shit I think am gonna go mad if I don’t see what’s going on out there, I have to go out…I have to”

She hurried to sit and held Jerny’s hands in hers.

“Please help me”

She stood up again before Jerny gave a reply.

“I have to get out here”

She bit her shivering fingers and went back to Jerny.


Her screams made Jerny shiver for fear.

“What Coco?”
“Get me out of here!”


Davies followed with his hands on his head as he walked to Edward.

Edward had a mischievous smile on his face. Maybe the heavens has decided to save him the stress of wiping Davies of the earth. The heavens actually brought his problem to him.

“You want death kid? You should have asked”
“Yeah the moment I die your hold on my father goes dry, he would gladly go to Jail then. The only reason he still listens to you is because he wants to keep his sons safe and the moment that is jeopardize, it’s all over. And I bet you still need his money, plus you’ll make more enemies. You already got Jack on your tail, who else do you think would become desperate to kill you if you lay a finger on me? So chill Bruh, I am here to talk”

There was silence as Davies took his seat.

“Get your hands off me”

He warned the hefty man who still held onto him.

“Let him go”

Edward instructed.

“So what do you have in mind rookie”
“I say we strike a deal here and now, I let you be, and you stop coming after me, that includes Coco. I would overlook the fact that you abducted her, just leave me, my family and friends alone”

Edward laughed now.

“You think I am stupid Davies?” 
“No, I know you also want the same thing, plus your drug dealers has been scarce these days because you’ve got cops on your tail, no one wants to get apprehended in the course of dealing with you. So you still need my father’s money, or are you going to deny that fact”
“Well business has not been good, I won’t deny that. And I know the cops are on my tail but they would never find a thing, because they’ve got no evidence on me”

Davies gave a slight nod. He was about to say something else when he felt this strange feeling, a feeling that made his heart throb fast. It was Coco, she pried from a distance and he saw her but he was quick to avert his eyes before Edward noticed.

“Good. So we have a deal?”
“You know you’ve grown into a man now kid, you know what’s right for you, and leaving Coco for me is the right thing, I like the fact that you’ve finally realized she can never be yours, but it beats me that you would give up on her so easily, after all your promises”

Edward said as he searched for a message in Davies’ eyes.

Davies smiled back.

“Well a man has got to do what he has to do for his family don’t you agree, so get this thing off my back and we won’t have a problem. When I mean thing I mean Luke”


“Wait is that the guy you say you love? He just denied you, he is not willing to fight for you as you claim Coco? Is this the man you put your life on the line for?”

Jerny words felt like sharp pains to Coco. She heard it all and she was going to conclude Davies had finally left her but another strong feeling played to her thoughts. She remembered all their moments together, she remembered the way he fought for her against Edward. She remembered how even when he couldn’t move a muscle, when he was covered in blood he still reached for her. And then, she remembered his last words the last time she met with him.

“I’ll come for you”
“No, he has a plan, Davies would never leave me”

She said and she strongly believed it.


“Boss, do you believe him?”

Luke asked when Davies left.

“Of course not, I am no fool Luke, I know he has a plan, and I will figure it out soon”
Davies got back to Jack. Jack was planning to invade Edward when he heard the news that Davies approached the house unharmed.

“How did go? What did you do?”

He asked with questionable eyes.

“Nothing, we just talked”

Jack eyes narrowed to a frown.

“You just talked? He didn’t kill you, there is no scratch on you, and you didn’t carry out any plan whatsoever? Does that make sense?”

Felias did the talking for Jack.

“Jack? You said the cops had nothing on Edward?”

Jack responded with a nod.

“Well they do now”

Davies brought out his phone and played the record.

“I recorded our conversation, there is evidence to lock him up in jail now. Now Edward has got not just us on his back, but the police as well. Two against one is fair enough. But we won’t stop there, we would make more enemies in his name, and when the ambush begins, it wouldn’t be just an ambush. It would be an invasion”


Jane was quite sure she heard Davies well, he made the call Just by his door. She had wanted to come check on him when she heard him saying he had gotten a way to save Coco. He was actually making plans to save her. That’s impossible, there is no way she would allow that. She had it mind to meet up with Edward a week after but now it has to be sooner that she planned. Good thing was she tailed Coco to Edward’s residence the last time she came to the mansion. There was no way Davies would save Coco. 


She said and hurried to Edward.

Edward recognized her and permitted her entrance.

“What do you want?”
“See this as a blessing, because I believe you and Coco are meant to be, I don’t want her anywhere near my Davies”
“Go straight to the point”

Edward cracked his gun and made her shiver a little.

“Okay okay, as we speak, the cops are on their way here, I heard Davies say that over the phone”
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