Davies wanted Edward dead or if possible, behind bars. But he wasn’t sure the plan Jack had was going to work. With what he had witnessed and with what he has heard about Edward, it would take more than just an ambush to defeat him. Jack was not thinking straight here, his quest for vengeance is clouding his judgment.

“Hey Jack, don’t you think we should rethink this mission. Remember what you said about Edward. He knows what he has done, he would surely be prepared for this”

Jack was quiet as he fixed his guns together. He turned to his hitmen.

“Double time, we have to be there by sundown”

Davies wouldn’t give it up, Jack has always been the one to suggest he thinks, this is the way of the streets, Edward is not a newbie, he knows how to prepare in wait for issues like this.

“Jack are you listening to me? This is a suicide Mission, you are not thinking straight here, let’s seat and make a plan, we can’t just jump into this fight”
“There is no plan, its either I die or Edward dies, the earth must taste blood today, there is no stopping it. He killed her Davies and this is not the first time he has done something like this, who the fuck is he? Huh? Some super immortal piece of shit?”

Davies hesitated for a minute before he urged on.

“We would get vengeance for Kira, I swear this to you. But its not this way”
“Then what do you suggest hero? Huh?”
“I say we keep him guessing, I say we keep him restless, our silence would kill him before we strike, so chill, let’s make the plan, Edward’s end is near”


“What have you done?”

Edward asked when he spotted Luke standing at the threshold leading to his room.

“Boss I…I missed”
“You missed again, and who is the victim this time”
“It’s, it’s Kira”

Edward was quiet. He stood up next and tucked his pistol into his backside.

“Prepare the men for War”


Jerny could barely talk from the pains she felt, she barely survived the torture she went through and she could see the guilt written all over Coco.

“Coco, it’s not your fault”

She muttered.

“Yes it is Jerny, if only I stayed put, I won’t have this bullet wound, and you won’t be going through this pain, I am so foolish”
“No Coco, you are in love, and trust me many others would do even more that what you did, we all do stupid things for love, it’s not your fault”

Jerny made a pause when she suddenly remembered all she overheard when she was kept captive. She took a deep sigh and grabbed Coco’s hands suddenly.

“Hey, what is it? Are you okay?”
“Coco I overheard Edward, he knows you shot him”

Coco’s heart stopped for a while, the fear that crept into her system made her quiver. Her hands began to shake in response to the fear.

“He…he kn..knows?”

She stammered hard

“He knows, and trust me he is not keeping you alive because he loves you. He needs you for something, and once he gets it you are dead, he said that himself Coco, you need to find a way out of here, you are in danger”


“What do you say Davies?”

Jack was ready to listen now and Davies was glad.

“I say we return the favor, allow me take down Luke”

It was good point but Jack still felt Davies wasn’t ready for such mission.

“And how do you plan to do that?”
“I’ll go see him, I’ll go see Edward”

Jack sudden look of disbelief made Davies push further.

“You’ve gone mad kid”
“Look Jack, I know you feel I don’t know what I am doing, or that I am working into my own death, but please I need you to trust me on this one”

It took a while but Davies was able to convince Jack. And so hours later he was close to Edward’s crib. He stood at the gate leading to Edward’s bungalow when Coco spotted him from her window pane.

Her heart missed a beat.

Edward got the information that Davies stood at the gate wanting to see him.

“Do I gun him down boss?”

Luke asked but Edward disagreed.

“No let him in, this is going to be interesting”
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