“Drop that shit now!”

Edward was good interruption as he sped to snatch the tape from her grip. A slap followed with red eyes warning her never to overstep her boundaries.

“Is that what you use in blackmailing Jonas? How dare you? How can you be so cruel?”

Edward found himself laughing at her ignorance.

“Oh dear”

He said as he tucked the tape into his back pocket.

“If only you understand, you would loathe Jonas more than I do”

She didn’t get his point and a questionable frown appeared on her face the next minute.

“What do you mean? And where is Jerny Edward? I swear if anything happens to her…”
“Jerny is fine, she would be with you shortly, now get out before I lose myself and pounce on you, that ass of yours is still a drug to me remember?”

It was suppose to do the magic but Coco remained still without moving an inch.

“I am not leaving here until I see Jerny”
“Oh shit Coco, can you quit pestering me? I’ll send the bitch to you, leave now else…”
“Do whatever you want, I won’t move an inch until I see her”

They locked eyes for a minute until Edward gave in and dialled for Jerny release, he knew Coco would keep to her word and pester him until she sees Jerny. He knew she also used it as a leverage to pry for where he would keep the tape.


It was Jerny with bruises all over her body.


Coco hurried to help her up. The men who had her bundled didn’t care if she landed hard on the tiles when they dropped her.

“You have Jerny now get out”
“What did you…?”

Edward would not permit Coco to say another word, he fired a shot to the ceilings and screamed in rage.

“Get out!!”


“I’m ready”

Davies was quite confident of what he said. He was ready to face it all. He was ready to face Edward. Jack did not argue against his wish to face his enemy, he only advised like he had always done from the beginning.

“Davies, I’ve grown to like your guts and it’s the reason I’d tell you this, why not forget the girl, I’m pretty sure you’ve got a hundred of them at your Beck and call. Many I’ve tried to silence scorpion but have failed. Many who had more experience than myself. You still have a future ahead of you. Let this go”

And as expected, Davies reply was just what Jack had presumed

“Thanks for your concern Jack. But I’ve got this. Someone has to make him pay for all he has done and don’t you worry. I would take him down the right way”

“Why are you doing this Jane? The girl saved your life right? Why do you still want her dead?”

Callis asked while he laid beside Jane in an hotel room. They just finished a round of sex like they’ve always done.

“She remains the only person standing in between me and my husband”

Callis had to laugh now.

“Your husband? So what am I to you? I am actually doing all you want from Davies, you can’t deny the fact that you love the hot sex”
“Callis you are just a means to an end, please don’t forget your place. All we do is have fun, like everybody does that, don’t let me add you to the list of my problems, I would snuff you out”

Callis shrugged his shoulders and replied with a slight smile

“Oh okay woman, so how do you plan on taking Coco out? Remember she belongs to the devil himself, I mean that killer machine Edward”
“Oh you just wait and see, there is nothing a woman cannot do”

Luke had a perfect shot, Davies was in Jack’s duplex. He was in one of the bedrooms given to him and Luke was just two buildings away with a clear shot to blow his brains.

He pulled the trigger but Kira showed up.

“Hey tiger”

She was going to have her way with him that night, her mind was made up, but the moment she entered, Davies sensed trouble, he tried to pull her down but the bullet went through her chest.

Luke knew he had committed an atrocity against the streets.

And Jack confirmed that when he picked Kira into his hands and muttered.

“Oh scorpion, you’ve drawn first blood, this means war”
©onyeneke Abel. June 2018 all rights reserved.
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