The tension built was still hot as oven, burning and creating fear in everyone except Davies. He crawled to her and picked her in his arms while he remained on bare tiles. He could hear his heart throbbing so fast against his chest. If anything happens to Coco then Edward would be dead meat.

“Coco, Coco breathe, breathe”

He discovered that the bullet pierced just her arm. She was still alive. It was a great relief.

“I’m okay Davies, it’s just my arm, I’ll live”
“What? She is alive?”

Jane’s sudden outburst made her look like the devil. The eyes that narrowed to her direction made her a little nervous

“Like i mean, wow, she survived”

Davies tore his shirt and tied it around her arm. His mind was bitter, so bitter that he couldn’t march to Edward and drive a bullet through his head.

“Coco, i’m sorry, all this would soon be over, please stay here”
“Stay where? Are you mad? We are all flat on bare tiles, scared to move a muscle because that bastard out there would fry our ass, and here you are requesting the originator of our problem remain here with us, you’ve gone nuts bro”

Callis blurted out with his hands on his head.

“Coco I feel for you but your stay here would only bring us more danger”

Davies was going to challenge their suggestions but Coco was quick to agree with them.

“Davies, I have to go, it’s the only way. He’ll kill you all, he would kill my friend, please, I just came to check on you, I had a bad feeling but now you are okay I guess”
“Coco please”
“Let her go Davies, be reasonable for once” Jane said next.

She stood up and staggered outside, Davies watched with tears welled up in his eyes as she stood at the entrance with blood dripping from her arm.

“Stay put Davies, what good are you to her dead? How would you save her if you are dead?”

His mind warned when he thought of doing the impossible.

“Luke! I know it’s you there! I am going back now, you can leave them alone”

There was no reply but she knew Luke got the message. She turned to Davies and with eyes begging for freedom she started out of the house.

“Thank goodness, Davies please stay away from that girl, she is bad news”

Jane said and earned a slap to her face.

“That’s all you can say after she saved you from death, witch”

He left the rest of them in with Jane who stood with mouth wide agape.


“What the fuck happened?”

Edward hurried to Coco and picked her into his arms. He laid her on the cushion chair and ordered his forceps and cotton wool be brought to dig out the bullet.

“Well it looks like your sidekick did a perfect job to kill me like you instructed”

Coco could see the wrath that appeared on his face and how he seethed in anger. She knew it wouldn’t be good for Luke now.

“You shot my girl?”
“It was a mistake boss, I aimed for Davies, she was with the bastard”

Edward smiled and took everyone by surprise when he shot a bullet to Luke’s arm.

“Now it’s even”

Coco knew Edward cared about her, but his method of love was bondage and intense punishment. He would kill anyone who dared talk to her and use her to his will.


Edward called Luke when he was finished with Coco. His expression didn’t look like he was sorry for driving a bullet to his arm, but it had a message that concerns someone’s life.

And it was just as Luke presumed.

“Davies defeated Bony, he is making rapid progress, he is surely going to be a threat in the nearest future. Follow him, and when you have a clear shot, blow his brains”


Coco had searched all over the bungalow for Jerny, still she was nowhere to be found. Jerny was another reason she remained with Edward. Davies had promised his siblings and his father would leave the country while he battled with Edward. It was something she held onto, but she could not give in to his tempting offer because of Jerny.


She called when she entered the room he reserved for himself. Suddenly she remembered how he planned to steal Jonas’ company. There must be some document he stole to have the right to achieve his plans. Quickly she searched through the room and found a recording tape.

She recognized the voice, it was Jonas in the record. She increased the volume to hear what he had to say.

“Say it, I am recording our conversation now, confess or I would plant this bullet in your head”

That was Edward’s voice, she was patient to listen even when she knew Edward might walk in anytime.

“Okay I will” Jonas’ voice rang again

“…it was 12years ago. 12years ago I committed a sin against humanity and deprived innocent people of their families….”
©onyeneke Abel .May 2018 all rights reserved.

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