Kira insisted on tending to Davies’ wound even when Jack frowned at it. Her smiles at him now was something he knew would land him in trouble. He opened his eyes 30minutes later to see Kira sitting beside him, and his wounds all tended to.

With a strain on his face he attempted to sit up but she placed her palm on his chest and shook her head against it.

“You need to rest tiger, that was quite some fight you know. No one has ever defeated Bony, maybe I was wrong about you”

He returned her smiles and gently nodded his head in replacement for the supposed ‘thank you’

“Emm, you know I’m Kira, and from now on feel free to holla me huh, wouldn’t be an issue would it? You are one cute guy anyway”

With a suspicious frown Davies nodded and watched her use the exit.

“You should watch your ways with Kira homie”

It was Felias by the door with crossed arms. He had witnessed the scene and he waited till Kira was out of sight before he approached Davies.

“If you want to live long here, stay away from her, the boss won’t think twice to nail you if he catches you around her”

Davies felt that wouldn’t be a problem.

“I don’t like her, I love someone else”
“Yeah we all know that shit, it’s not about you liking her. It’s about her liking you, she is quite persistent when she needs something, so Bruh, back off”



Edward instructed Jerny while he stood with his hands crossed to his back.

“Where is Coco?”
“She left but she would be back Edward, you have my word”

The slap that smacked across Jerny’s lips made it bleed. She bowed her head and writhed in pain.

“Well am gonna trust you words with your life”

Edward said and pointed to the clock.

“In the next 30minutes and Christiana isn’t here, you’re off this earth”


Coco was certain her tricks on trying to reach Davies’ room by climbing up the mansion wouldn’t work this time. She barely made it up the last time, she wasn’t sure her arms had enough strength to pull her up, not when they had been sored by the strong ropes that had been used to bind her.

“Let me through, I am here to see Davies”

She said when the security wouldn’t let her through. She knew it would be tough getting inside, but then she was willing to do anything just to see Davies.

“Sorry ma’am, instructions were never to let you in, by the boss himself”

Coco understood they meant Jonas, suddenly what Edward said weeks back replayed in her mind. Jonas was hiding something he had done against her in the past, what could that be?

“Let me through, I won’t ask you again”

Her persistent made the middle age man crack his pistol gun. The two others followed suit.

“Don’t force me ma’am, this gun is loaded”

With a chuckle Coco when straight for the gun, she was quick as she slight past him and knocked the gun off his hands; she moved quickly to land her fist on the second man standing, knocked his gun off his hands and before the third could pull the trigger, she had snatched the gun and pointed it at them.

“No one moves”

They all made a pause with shock written on their faces. She went for the guns and dismantled it.

She was just at the entrance when Jane stood before her. Jane’s eyes raged red, this was Coco, the woman she wanted to kill so badly.

“What are you doing here? Huh? Get out! Get out now you witch!”

Her loud voice brought the attention of the boys.

Callis was first to get to scene, his uninteresting laugh spoke of one thing, he wasn’t happy to see her either.

“Call my father now”

He instructed the maids and turned to Coco.

“You better leave before my father gets here, what? You wanna get us killed?”
“Coco leave this family alone! You what to see them dead? Huh? Is that what you want? You are so selfish witch, all you want is to satisfy your own desires. If you really love Davies then go, let him go for the sake of his family!”

Jane continued and gave Coco a big push. She staggered but was able to regain her balance. She saw reasons with what Jane said, she is only causing harm to this family.

“Go you witch”

Jane could see she was getting to Coco already, and she was going to utilize the opportunity to do what she had in mind.

She made her way towards Coco and landed a slap on her face with another big push. She quickly snatched a table knife from the maid who stood to watch the scene and she was going to successfully dig the knife into Coco’s chest but Davies was there for the rescue.

He caught and twisted her arm till she screamed for pain and released the knife to drop on this bare tiles.

“Davies? Davies what happened to you”

Davies ignored her words and every other person who stood there, he brought Coco close with his less bandaged arm; he wiped the droplet of tears on her cheek and kissed her passionately in front of everyone.

Jane’s eyes went wide with hot painful tears gushing from them. Callis whistled and applauded before he stated.

“Okay that was great Bruh, so can she go now?”

Jake just got to the scene, he smiled at Coco and exchanged pleasantries.

“Coco, I haven’t seen you in a while, you’ve been good?”

Jonas appeared in wrath before Coco replied.

“What the hell is she doing here!”

He ignored the fact that Davies was covered in bruises and faced Coco with red eyes.

Davies sensed trouble, he looked to Coco and she gave the signal that she sensed it too. Jonas looked to both of them to see them communicate with facial expressions.

“What’s going on here! I asked a question!”

It’s was confirmed, Davies noticed the red light hovering over his chest, Coco saw it too and in unison they screamed 

“Get down!”

Jane was in clear danger, she stood just behind Davies. The bullet was released and every other person was down except Jane, it would have brought her down dead. But Coco was quick to push her out of the way, although, she wasn’t quick to escape the bullet herself. The transparent glass shattered at the force of the bullet, and Coco’s warm blood spilled against Davies’ face.
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