“Your kid is toast”

Felias, Jack’s right hand man stated quite the obvious, there was no point in arguing otherwise.

“Meat for bony”

Kira, his girl said next, she had never liked Davies for anything, she felt he was weak, too weak to live in the streets.

“He would last there for seconds, I can’t imagine how you still feel that rich brat can fit in here”

She pouted with folded arms as they all watched from upstairs, through the tainted glass down to the arena.

Davies could not hide that fact that he was scared, but this was something he had to do.

“What? I can’t kill, I have never killed anyone in my life”

He remembered how he had protested.

“Then you die kid”

That was all Jack said in response. He can’t die, not now, not when Coco is still entangled with Edward.

“You can do this Davies”

He encouraged himself as he stared at the 5feet giant glaring at him with vicious eyes.

“Fight! Fight! Fight!”

The crowd roared and Bony was flaunting his broad chest already.

Bony charged at him and Davies was able to dodge his approach for while; when the chance presented itself, he tried to hit his opponent with his fist but it was nothing to the giant who stood firm. He tried to hit Bony countless times but the giant stood still and when he was certain Davies was out of options, he grabbed him by his neck and fed his cheeks with massive hit.



Coco kept muttering in her dreams that Jerny had to wake her up.

“Who is Davies? Huh? Coco you know Edward would kill any man…”

Coco stopped Jerny from saying anything else when she muttered.

“Davies is the man I love Jerny. And he is in trouble now, I can feel it so strongly, I have to see him, I just have to see him, please help me”

Jerny watched her beckon in tears, she felt for her friend but she knew quite well that Coco leaving Edward’s laire meant death for her, Edward would surely make her beg for death.

“But he is going to kill me Coco”
“Jerny I would be back. I just want to make sure he is okay, please Jerny I love him, I don’t know if I would be able to live without him, he is the only strength I have, the only reason I can still fight to survive the hardship here. Jerny if anything happens I would kill myself… I would..”
“Okay okay Coco. I know you love him, I can see that already. And I love you, so I am going to put my life on the line here, please come back, before Edward finds out, I know a way you can escape”


Davies could hardly see now, his eyes were covered in his own blood.  Bony was killing him slowly, he was taking his time to beat every strength Davies had in him.

“Finish him!”

Kira was first to scream and the crowd followed. Jack shook his head, he was wrong about Davies, there was no way the rich kid could live this life, he felt he made a mistake in choosing to train him, it was like Davies had learnt nothing.

Davies’ vision was blur but he could hear the crowd call for his death. It was over, he was going to die. 

“Have you learnt nothing? Davies, in the streets you think before you act. Observe your opponent, study his weakness and think before you act, use your brain dummy!”

He suddenly remembered what Jack had said over and over again. He realized he had been fighting the wrong way.

Bony was taking the glory for his victory already as he roared while the crowd cheered.

But then, they all when silent when Davies picked himself up. He tore off his shirt, pulled out the table knife Bony had dug at his side and tied his torn clothes around it. 

Bony turned when he noticed the crowd had stopped cheering, he realized Davies still stood on his feet, although he knew just one blow would totally knock off the life left in him.

With that in mind he charged at Davies.

Davies was quick to think; Bony was tall and hefty, trying to take him down with his fist would be impossible… There was only one way, and Jack understood when Davies stopped low and dug the table knife into Bony’s knee.

“Take him down from below”

Jack muttered Davies true intentions with a smile.

Davies dodged all Bony’s advances and fed his legs with several strike till the giant’s legs could no longer carry him, he fell with his face to the ground.

The crowd went mute with shock, Kira’s mouth stood agape, Jack had a smile on his face. And then suddenly the crowd roared his name all over the arena, that was all he heard before he passed out.

“Now that’s a tiger”

Kira said.


Coco had successfully stolen out of the compound. But Edward eyes had seen her from his window pane.

“Bring Jerny to me now and follow Christiana”

He instructed Luke.

“Take the sniper with you…and the moment she meets Davies, blow the bastard brain to pieces”
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