“Meet mhaamhe Jerny, your new playmate, I’m sure you’ve missed her”

Edward introduced Coco’s friend who she thought was dead. Coco sat up, still bounded with ropes to keep her tamed. She made a gasp when she confirmed it was indeed Jerny.


She called to the slender cute figure who stood at the door with Edward.

“Edward why do you have to tie up like this? Please I am here and I promise to keep an eye on her, if anything happens hold me responsible”
“Hmm, sadly I can’t trust you with that”
“Please Edward”

Jerny beckoned even more…

“Alright, let her loose, this is on you”

Edward was gone when Jerny rushed into Coco’s arms.

“Jerny I thought I lost you, I’ve missed you so much”

Coco muttered as she hugged the only friend who had been like a sister to her.

“No dear, I was able to escape the explosion, Edward found me and brought me here to London”

Coco nodded her head attentively as Jerny narrated all she had been through..

“Edward is one bastard, like the guy is impossible to kill”

Jerny concluded with a sigh.

“He is not, he is human and I was this close to wiping him off this earth years back. The invasion was all me, I planned all that shit, and I shot him”

Jerny held her mouth to prevent another gasp, her eyes went wide for the words she was going to say next.

“Wait you are the one he wants to kill so badly, he didn’t know who shot him Coco, and he has been looking for that person. Coco you are in more danger staying here, you have to escape before he finds out”


“Lesson one, never back down from a fight”

Jack stood face to face with Davies who was covered in bruises, his vision was blur and his bones were not strong enough to throw another punch.

“Come on, hit me, you wanted me to train you hard, well here it is, hit me”

Davies tried to throw his fist at Jack one last time but as expected, he got a fist to his cheek again.

He coughed and spat out blood; he fell to his knees and muttered.

“You just want to beat me up, don’t you?”

Jack laughed now, Davies wasn’t getting the point.

“No Davies, you’ve not realised what am trying to teach you, why do I keep telling you to come at me? And why do you keep failing when you do?”

Davies forced himself up and tried to wipe the blood stains on his shirt.

“Because you want to beat me, that’s the only reason I see here”
“Fool, because I want to you to realize that in the streets, before you use your fist, you use your brain, think before you act, if you are going to face Edward, then kid you have to do a lot of thinking, you need to strategize, you don’t just go running into your own mess, he would snuff every bit of life you have in you”

Jack stopped to take another look at Davies

“Go home, we are done for today”


“Davies? what the hell happened to you?”

Davies rolled his eyes when he saw Jane at the entrance to his flat, he stood and held his forehead with a sigh.

“Why won’t this woman let me be, God can you just permit a thunder, just one thunder would do”

He tried to walk his way into his flat but she wouldn’t let him. She stood with both hands on each side of the threshold.

“Jane, I thought you moved out of this house already?”
“That doesn’t mean I moved out of your life Davies, when will you understand that only death can do us part”

Davies couldn’t understand Jane anymore, he could read desperation in her eyes, she was willing to do just anything to have him.

“Jane you are obsessed”
“No I love you”

Jane disagreed.

“I pity you dear, and I hope you realise there is no place for you in my heart”

He tried to go through again but she stood still.

“This is because of Coco right? Face it Davies you will never see her again, Coco is gone get used to it”

Davies rolled his eyes, he grew tired of her presence.

“Listen dear, Coco was here last week, yes…she was, remember?”

He watched as both her hands dropped to her side in shock. So her instincts were telling the truth, it was indeed Coco he was talking to.

“Yes witch, she was here, we kissed, hugged and we were going to make love to each other but you came to ruin the moment, so when you heard me say ‘I’ll come for you’ I meant Coco…”

He made his way towards her and just beside her he whispered to her ears.

“That’s right, burn…”

He left to his flat and shut the door behind him while Jane stood transfixed in tears.


Months later Davies could handle guns, he was making rapid progress but Jack still felt he wasn’t thinking straight. It was way too early but Jack made his decision to push Davies to the extreme when he set Davies up for a fight in the arena.

“You would fight in the arena today, against bony”

It didn’t sound all difficult to Davies until Jack took him to reveal just who Bony was; Davies swallowed hard when he watched the hefty one eyed man pull out an arm before he snapped his opponent’s neck in the arena.

“But there is just one problem…”

Jack continued

“Bony has never been defeated, and in that arena it’s kill or be killed, so tell me, how far are you willing to go for love?”
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Love is a game




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