Jane couldn’t believe what she saw, it was too good to be true. Maybe she didn’t see right. It was Davies, all dress up, well shaved and clean with his usual vigour. His masculinity had been rekindled and as he approached Jane from down the stairs, his cologne tagged along.

Jane’s sudden questionably call brought the maids to the scene. They all stood with mouth agape.

“Clean up my room, I would be out for a while”

He ordered and went past Jane like she didn’t exist. Jane called Jonas immediately to reveal the goodnews.

“Are you serious, thank you my dear, you are indeed a Savior, I knew only you could bring back my son”

Jonas had ended the call when she realised she wasn’t the right person to receive such praise. She knew Coco has come visiting, and that it was the reason for Davies’ sudden revival.

“I know it’s you Coco, my instincts can’t be wrong, I heard Davies talking to someone and it’s you! you keep getting in my way, just wait until I crush you”


“Why do you want to join the brotherhood Davies, your Father is one of the richest in the city, why would you choose to mingle with the streets?”

Jack questioned Davies.

Jack was the leader of a gang popular known as the resistance, it was a group of black Americans fighting for equality. They were Kings of the streets, it was just the only place Davies thought would be good to achieve his goal.

“I just want to fight with you guys”
“You lie man, I see vengeance in your eyes, perhaps you can thrill me, who is this man or unfortunate people?”

There was no point denying it, Davies revealed his true intentions.

“Edward? The scorpion?”

The frown on Jack’s face was one that revealed he knew Edward very well.

“Boy you are biting more than you can chew, you can’t defeat the scorpion, he is a demon, it’s best you let him be and save yourself”

Jack was going to stop Davies but the bundle of cash that landed on his hands made him rethink.

“There is more were that came from, just teach me all I need to know, and let my fate be decided, if I win, well good, if I die, I die fighting for a good cause”

Jack sighed with the cash bouncing in his hands, he narrowed his eyes as if looking for something in Davies’ eyes.

“She must be one lucky woman that you would go to the ends of hell to fight for her”

Davies frowned, he was amazed on how Jack could read his every thought when he didn’t say a word 

“Don’t worry, I would teach you how to read people, how to read their next move even before they make it, you have a lot to learn, but if you put your mind to it, well who knows, within a few years you would be ready”

Davies disagreed immediately.

“I don’t have years, months would do, please be hard on me, whatever it would take for me to learn all I need to know”

Jack loved his Davies’ willpower but it was nothing but foolishness to him, he knew Davies was only walking into a dead trap; There was no way he would defeat Edward.

“Alright Davies, if you insist. First you must know that we are resistance fighters, we defend what is ours, we don’t kill without a cause, we are not armed robbers, we are not thugs, we…”

Davies cleared his throat to interrupt.

“Emm, I know all these stuffs, I searched you guys on the internet, can we start now”
“Patience boy, why not come back tomorrow and we start by initiating you into the brotherhood”

It sounded too late to Davies but Jack was persistent till he had to succumb.


“Son, it’s good to have you back. I knew Jane was the right woman for you, see what she has done, I am so proud of her”

Jonas came visiting and found Davies seated with his brothers in the dinning room. Davies exchanged pleasantries and corrected the moment everyone was settled.

“Jane didn’t do anything. And Dad I don’t really know what she is doing in this house, she has to leave”

Jane was first to bang the table in anger and Jonas followed to back her up. She overheard Davies while she approached the dinning room, she didn’t hesitate to react, she was confident of the back up she had.

“She is going nowhere!”
“Yes daddy, tell him! Davies I love you and you are stuck with me whether you like it or not”

Davies didn’t have to think twice, he stood up and revealed just what he had in mind.

“Then I am moving out of the house, it’s either this witch goes, or I do”


“Boss, it’s Davies on the recruitment list, I couldn’t believe it myself”

Luke revealed to Edward. There was nothing in the streets that got past Edward, he had eyes everywhere.

Edward laughed till his eyes went red.

“Do I snuff him out?”

Luke meant the inevitable death, but Edward disagreed.

“No not yet, our hero is in love, let’s see how this love game will turn out, I sincerely hope our hero can play this game of chess, this is the street, people wind up dead with just a snap of my finger”

Luke allowed a minute of silence before he went on to ask.

“So what now boss?”
“Now it’s game on”
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Love is a game




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