It was the perfect intruder who stopped Edward from spilling the one secret that could change everything.

“Yes Luke, what is it?”

Luke was a loyal sidekick to Edward, he was Edward’s favorite.

“It’s urgent boss, we would have to talk, alone”

Edward looked back Coco, he could read her expression, she didn’t want him to go, she wanted him to spill the beans. He smiled and caressed her cheek.

“You wanna hear right? Don’t worry love, I’ll be back”

He turned to Luke

“Let her loose but she must not leave this room”

Luke did as he ordered and followed out when he was certain the door was locked.

“Boss we are loosing money, the client backed out, I think the police is on his tail”

Edward sighed with both hands on his waist, he realised he still needed Jonas for the money, good thing was he didn’t spill the one secret he used as leverage against Jonas; that was his only ticket to his money, once the secret is spilled the money flow ends.

“Contact Jonas, tell him we need 5million dollars”

Luke made a bow and disappeared from his sight. Edward had a plan of his own, he was going to make sure his wealth would be the talk of the city, and that’s when he has Jonas’ company to himself, there would be only one person who would want to ruin his plans, Davies.

“I’m sure that guy is going to be a problem”

Luke said the obvious when Edward revealed his plans.

“I know, he is the only kid with willpower, the rest of them are cowards”
“So what then?”

Edward took a long sip from his cigarette.

“He’ll have to die”

Coco heard this on her way out, Luke didn’t notice she had an hair pin with which she could maneuver around the lock and get it open.

She stole out through the back door and knocked off two guards, jumped over the fence and landed hard on the other side.

Straightway she boarded a taxi to Davies, she knew the security wouldn’t let her in, Jonas must have dropped strict orders to prevent that. She found a rod and dug several holes on the back fence to enable her climb in.

It was hard sneaking to Davies flat, the maids were strangely all over the place, and when she thought it was a piece of cake to handle, she saw Jane.

“Oh no”

She muttered.

Jane sat in the dinning room sipping from a tea cup. The only option that seemed possible to Coco was to climb up to the window pane.


Her strenuous call came from her weakened bones, she was loosing grip already.

Davies was sure he heard right, this wasn’t a dream, it was Coco’s voice.

He whisked to the window and opened at the right time to grab her from falling.

She rushed into his arms and hugged him so tight with tears pouring from her eyes uncontrollably. They hugged and kissed hungrily, Davies felt life rush into his bones, he found himself smiling, this was Coco, it was Coco! But then it all went dry when she said.

“I have to go back to Edward”
“What? Why?”
“Davies if he doesn’t see me, he would come for all of you. And this time he would show no mercy”


Jane felt the need to check on Davies, she had moved into the mansion already, as had promised Jonas to bring back the Davies he once knew, and to that, she insisted she had to move into the mansion.

“Hey come clean this up, I’m going to check on Davies” she ordered the maid.


“Davies, I came to tell you something, its very important, Edward, he his planning to…”
“Davies?” It was Jane, she was just close to the door.

“I have to go, Jane can’t see me else Edward would know I came here, that would be big trouble”

Coco hurriedly gave Davies a deep kiss and hurried out through the window pane.

“I’ll come for you”

Davies called to her when Jane entered.

“Come for who?”

She questioned with both hands on her waist.

“I asked a question Davies? Who were you talking to?”

She tried to go over to the window pane but Davies stood in her way.

“This is my room remember? Get out”

She was adamant this time, she knew Davies was hiding something, her instincts can’t be wrong.

“No Davies, not until you tell me what you are hiding from me”

She pouted angrily and tried to push her way through when Davies picked her up onto his shoulders and dropped her metres away from his flat.


“Where is she!”

Edward questioned with red eyes; three men laid dead already.

“Boss, I swear I…”

The young man was not given a chance to explain, the bullet went straight to his head.

Another was picked on and beaten to death.

“I said where is she!!”

The rest of the men were trembling now, they knew Edward was ready to kill every last one of them for letting Coco slip past them.

“Am here Edward, am here”

Coco showed up breathlessly.

“You didn’t have to kill all these men, I simply went for a walk, since you decided to cook me up in that room”

Edward picked an handkerchief to clean off the blood stains on on his hands.

He went close and landed a slap on her face

“You went to see Davies? Huh, you are lucky cos I was going to kill every last one of that prick family! Lock her up!”


Davies was certain he had found them, the elicit gang in the city, it was not his person, it was totally out of his way of life, he had spent months on his laptop, searching the internet for a perfect club to learn how to fight, to learn how to defend himself now he found it. To stop Edward, he needs to know the nook and crannies of the streets, he needs to know how to handle a gun.

He took his bath, had a good shave and changed into a Jean and a black jacket. 

“I’m coming for you Coco”
©onyeneke Abel. May 2018 all rights reserved.
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