3 months later

“Its June 15 Davies, like it’s been three months now Davies, three months and here you are like the world is over? Why can’t you move on with your life, I bet the so called Coco has forgotten about you already”

Jane poured it out, she couldn’t bear to see Davies now, she couldn’t look at him. He had not gotten a good shave for months, his beards were all over his face in a repelling manner. The stench from his room proved that it had not been attended too either, bottles of beer were at every corner of the room. All Jane saw was a disorganized man on his laptop day and night, he was a mess. She wondered what he was doing, what was so special about his laptop? What is he looking for?

“Davies I am talking to you”

He was mute and busy with his laptop, his eyes were fixed that it seemed as if no one was in the room except for him.

She felt her adrenaline burn, he was ignoring her on purpose and he was going to pay for it.

She stood up and gave him a hit on his arm. Suddenly he stopped typing, his concentration left his laptop and with red eyes she had never seen before he warned.

“Don’t ever touch me again”

She was wise to heed to his warnings. One part of her mind began to flinch, she has to leave this man again, he is not ready.

No! Another said, Davies has to see that she stood with him in times of pain, that way he would learn to love her. She watched him with a mixture of pity and digust, even in her absence, Coco was still able to stand in her way, why won’t Coco just die for good so Davies would be all hers.

“Any improvement?”

Jonas eyes were full of hope, perhaps Jane had done something to help his son out of his mystery, but the shake of Jane’s head in disagreement made him realize his son was gone for good.

“I don’t know Daddy, despite all I do, despite all the gifts I bought, I even prepared his favorite meal, yet he wouldn’t even give me a chance”

She lamented and stood with her hand bag in between her hands.

“You’ve tried your best my dear”

Jonas brought her in for an embrace and signalled Callis to try; but Callis being Callis waved his hands at the suggestion and suggested Jake instead.

He knew his brother well, until he gets what he wants there is nothing anybody would do to snap him out of his reverie, so there was no point wasting his time.

“You are not man enough, you can’t save the woman you love!”

Those words replayed in Davies head over and over again, it was the same word he heard countless times.

“Look at her Davies, see, you can’t save her, you are not man enough”

He tightened his grip and with a flash he threw down the bottles of beer he set beside his bed.

Jane was first to enter but his sudden thunderous voice made her shiver.

“Get out!”

He slammed the door against her.


“Coco, I’ve been patient with you, and I tell you I am becoming to lose my patience, huh? What is wrong with you?”

Edward sat beside Coco on the large mattress placed in the middle of a spacious room. Her hands and leg were tied to the bed, there was no slim chance to escape. She had tried countless times to plan but each time she had failed.

“I missed you huh, I missed your body”

He took towards her and attempted to sniff her neck down to her breast like he always do but this time she stopped him when she spat on his face; she knew what the repercussion would be and she was prepared for it. 

A slap followed and sent her lips swollen.

“Bitch” he cursed and held her by her neck.

“I should have you now, and tear you apart, it’s been years and I miss being inside you, but I don’t want to force myself you, I want you to love me like you use to, like old times huh?”

She was quiet, too quiet that it infuriated him.

“Huh!” He released her neck and cupped her cheeks with one hand.

“The only reason you are still alive is because my hands are tied”

She threatened and she meant it, all she needed was a slim chance to slit his throat. Whichever way possible she was going to make sure she ends his life for real.

“Do you hate me that much? Huh? I gave you life Christiana Tosin! I sent you to school, I taught you everything you know and yet you hate me? And yet…”
“And yet you took my pride”

She interrupted and erred her bitter heart.

“You took my dignity, you made me worthless, you made me live with a scar for years, you took my soul and gave me ashes. Do you know how I felt each time you parted my legs to satisfy your needs, even when I tried to fight back, you would hit me till I have no strength left, all I was to you was a tool to satisfy your needs, I was merely a tool, you never loved me”

Somehow Edward felt abused, he didn’t understand why Coco would see his actions as something evil, it was his right to have his girl anytime he wants, why would she be offended by it?

“So what now? Its that fool Davies you want, huh Christiana?”

It was unlike Coco to talk back to him, but the new Coco he met wasn’t the one he once knew, without hesitation she nodded and replied

“Yes, I would chose him over and over again. I love him, and he would be a better man than you would ever be”

Another annoying slap smacked her face hard that her eyes voluntary poured out tears.

“You fool, what if I tell you that this Davies you love so much is the reason why you found yourself in streets? Huh? Would you still love him? What if you know what his father has done in the past, would you still love him?”

Coco made a pause to think wide now, she did notice Jonas act like he was hiding something, she couldn’t stop the urge that gave her the push to ask.

“What has Jonas done in the past?”
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