Davies took front and shielded Coco behind him. His mind was made up, Edward would never get Coco, he would rather die than give her to him.

“You are going nowhere near her”

Although Coco was scared of what her fate would be now, she could see the struggle of the past coming afresh to haunt her, she actually thought she was free, but the truth was, she can never be free as long as Edward lives; but still, she was willing to give up her freedom for Davies’ safety. She held his arm and whispered to him softly.

“Step aside Davies, please”
“What are you doing Davies? Are you mad? Let Edward have his girl and stop this rubbish”

Jonas warned and tried to pull his son away but Davies wouldn’t listen.

“No dad, I won’t cower like a scared cat”

Edward laughed evilly now, he admired Davies courage, but he was going to squash every bit of it.

“Davies what is this girl to you when you have Jane, Jane loves you for God sake, Coco isn’t the woman for you, she is just in for the money, oh you’ve forgotten I paid her…”

Coco’s heart missed a bit at Jonas’ words, she feared Davies’ might suddenly leave her side, that he might actually believe her love for him was based on the money his father had to give.

“I know, and I love her still, even if she doesn’t love me, I love her. But Dad, I know she loves me…”

Edward cleared his throat to announce his presence, it seemed they completely forgot he still stood there.

“Okay lover boy, I would give you a chance to fight for your profess love, man to man, you win, you can have her. I win, then she goes with me”
“No Davies don’t, Davies please don’t listen to him”

Coco tried to make Davies rethink, but he wouldn’t listen, he had a chance to fight for his love, he wasn’t going to back down.


He took of his jacket and made a fist, Jonas felt he was going to get an heart attack, Callis simply hid behind the cushion chair and then he ran off when he got the chance.

“Let the boy prove himself Jonas, I promise I won’t kill him…alright Kid, you hit me just once, you win, easy right?”

Of course it was, Davies charged at him and aimed at his face, but Edward was quick to make a shift and landed his fist on Davies’ chest. Davies staggered backwards and made a pause to catch his breathe.

“Come on kid, you scared?”

Jonas was going to speak up, but Edward’s gun pointed at him made him mute.

Davies charged at Edward again and got a fist to his lips; Edward was quick and Swift, he picked Davies and threw him over his back to land on the tiles.

Coco couldn’t bear to see Davies in pain, she charged at Edward but it was to no avail, Edward held her arm and slapped her so hard that she couldn’t lift herself from the tiles.

“Coco” Davies muttered and tried to help but Edward was there to make him worthless, he caught Davies by his neck and held him against the wall.

“Look at her kid”

He made Davies look to Coco who struggled to get back on her feet.

“You are not man enough to protect her, you are worthless, you can’t fight for what you claim to love, you are not man enough”

Edward was certain his words sank down into Davies before he brought out a dagger and dug it into Davies’ thigh.

Davies’ screams were nothing close to the pain he felt. Edward wasn’t satisfied yet, he brought Davies down and fed him with his fist till all he saw was blood all over Davies, till Davies couldn’t move a muscle.

And then he picked Coco onto his shoulders and laughed as he walked out of the house.

Davies’ vision was blur, but he could see as Coco reach out for him, how she called out to him.

But all he could do was watch her bundled like a sack onto Edward’s shoulder and towed away without a choice.

“Coco” was all he could mutter before he passed out.

“Edward” was all Coco could say while Edward drove out of the mansion


Jane opened her eyes to find herself on an hospital bed. She looked around to see Katherine, her sister, sitting close to her.

“I was called by the nurse, you got into trouble again right? You’re lucky I didn’t tell Dad, else you’d be in deep shit”

Katherine said the moment she noticed Jane could see her.

“What are you doing Jane, I thought just 10 years back you threw this same man out of the house like a piece of shit. Like I could remember how he came over to plead almost everyday, you even locked him out in the rain, so what now huh? What do you want from him?”

Jane adjusted and turned her back to Katherine, all she had in her mind was the woman who stood in her way, all she could think of was a way to make that woman lay six feet beneath the earth. She tightened her fist and mumbled to herself.

“Coco, you will pay for this, you will pay with your life I swear”
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