“Are you mad? Get your hands of me you witch!”

Davies raged at desperate Jane that she shivered.

“Easy sir”

He was warned before he realised he was in an ambulance.

“This should be the last time you hold me like that, you hear me?”

He warned and turned to his brother when Jane remained mute.


“Ma’am! Ma’am!!”

The securities called when Coco breezed past them, they had the boldness to come out of their hiding place now.

“What is it? Is Davies in? I want to see Davies”

Coco was going to whisk off when they called after her.

“They left for the hospital!”

She stopped and dug out her cell phone; minutes later she dashed out of the mansion after getting a perfect description from Callis. 

“God please, keep Davies for me. I warned you Davies but you wouldn’t listen”

She soliloquized while in a taxi.

“Please can you speed up, you are too slow”

She lashed at the middle aged man handling the steering.

“Well maybe you should get your own car so you won’t have to ride in my slow car anymore, asshole”

She tightened her grip and felt like smacking a tooth off the man’s mouth, but the thought of Davies was of utmost importance.

“Just speed up okay, I would appreciate that”


Jonas paced uncomfortably, many disturbing thoughts plagued his mind. Why would all these happen now, why would the sins of the past decide to hunt him now, why now? After all these years.


The doctor was out and all three men including Jane hurried to him with curious minds.

“He is going to be fine, he just lost a little blood,  nothing few vegetables can’t handle”

They all sighed in relief, Davies had the time to deal with the pest clinging to him now.

“Okay you can go now Jane”

He turned to Jane with a bitter frown.

“She is going nowhere”

Jonas came to Jane’s defense. Jane was the only way to wade off Coco, so he thought. Once Coco sees just how clinging Jane can be, eventually she would give up and somehow, Davies would come to love Jane again, afterall, first love never dies.

“What? Dad?”
“Yes son, she is the one for you, not Coco”

Jane smiled broadly at Jonas words and Coco could hear him clearly since she was already close.

Callis had to speak up now, he couldn’t believe his father would want to put Davies through another trauma, what was his father up to.

“Dad I can’t believe…”

His words got stuck when he saw Coco.

“Hallelujah the bait is here!”

He finished up his words and got everyone looking in Coco’s direction.

“Coco” Davies muttered, his heart suddenly throbbed so fast, it happens anytime he saw her, it happens anytime he touches her. Despite Jane’s efforts to hold him back he hurried to Coco and hugged her so tight like he was going to lose her.

“Coco, please you have to leave”

He warned the next moment. Jonas couldn’t look at Coco’s direction, this was the girl he rendered homeless, the girl he made an orphan, the girl he pushed into the streets to be traumatised, how could he bear to face her. But then, he needed her to save his family, he wouldn’t mind if she dies in the process, Edward can do anything he wants with her, his family comes first.

“Get your hands off him you bitch”

Jane raged towards them, the jealousy that burned from within her was one that could cause havoc.

She pushed Coco from Davies and landed a slap on her face.

Coco didn’t have to think twice, without hesitation she returned the slap with greater force that Jane staggered with a tear on her lips.

All three men froze at the scene and simply let the two ladies handle themselves for a while.

“What the hell?”

Jane realised her lips were bleeding already, she charged at Coco hoping to have revenge but Coco was way off her league. She caught Jane’s arm this time, twisted and swept her off her feet to land her hard on the bare tiles.

Jane lost consciousness immediately, Callis hurried to call for the nurse, Jonas realised Coco was as dangerous as his researchers had presumed, Davies smiles proved he was proud of his wife.

“Bitch” Coco cursed and watched as Jane was towed away to an emergency Ward for resuscitation.


“Davies I have to go with him, it’s the only way”

Coco tried convincing Davies when they got back home. They all sat waiting for Edward who had been contacted to come pick Coco.

“Davies please listen to her, the guy is going to kill us”

Callis joined in, he didn’t understand why is brother would be so adamant about the issue. This was a matter of life and death, when would Davies realise that. Jonas had sent Violet and Stacy out of the country immediately, he planned to do the same to his sons once Jake was out of the hospital.

“Mind your business you dick!”

Davies lashed at him and turned to Coco, Jonas was strangely quiet, only Davies understood the reason for his sudden silence, he wouldn’t dare speak to Coco.

“Coco please, I would contact the police, we would let the police handle this, Callis and my father would leave the country for a while, Jake would be transported out of the country to receive treatment as well. We can win this”

Coco shook her head, Davies was blinded by his love for her, she could see it. He wasn’t thinking straight, he wasn’t fully aware of what Edward was capable of.

“Listen Davies, before Edward came over to this house to request for me, he had taken care of all these options, don’t you wonder why he took his time before he came over here? Like he knew I’ve been here all this while, Edward is….”
“Is your nightmare, your scariest dream and your fated calamity”

Edward arrived to finish up her words.

Coco froze in fear, her devilish past stood right in front of her.

With both hands tucked in his pocket and with his usual smiled he muttered.

“Hello love”

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Love is a game




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