Jake eyes narrowed to a frown, he stood up as he placed both hands on his waist.

“You’ve met him before?”

Edward was there to answer.

“Yeah, countless times”

He stood up and started towards Davies 

“Where is my girl Davies?”

He asked with a smile on his face. His smile was quite friendly but Davies knew there was an ulterior motive.

He made his way past him and picked Jake’s phone on the dinning table before he answered.

“She is gone, she left this morning”

Edward smiled again with both hands in his pocket.

“Maybe you didn’t hear me, where is Coco?”

Jonas could hear Edward’s voice through the phone, Davies had called without saying anything. Jonas listened and the moment he heard Edward’s voice he hurried to the mansion, he understood it was a voice of trouble.

“And i can only say the same thing, She is gone Edward, she left this morning”
“She is gone?” Callis questioned.

“What are you saying Davies, if the bitch is in some kind of trouble hand her over”

Callis continued and ignored even as Davies tried to communicate to him. He fathomed Coco to be in some kind of trouble, he didn’t understand why his brother would chose to shield her, but not under his watch anyway, this would be his little way to have revenge on Coco.

The sound of the gun Edward dug out brought the boys to their knees. He release a bullet to Jake’s arm and another to the large plasma hanging behind him.

Jake screamed for pain and fainted when he slipped off the chair.

“I don’t like to play silly games kid, so I would ask again, where is my girl?”

Callis could feel something wet between his legs, it took him another minute to discover he had peed on his trousers.


It was Jonas, the old man was on his heels as he hurried to shield his boys.

“Edward this wasn’t the deal, you promised not to kill my boys”
“Yeah I did, and that’s the reason he still breathes air”

Edward was pointing to Jake.

“All I need is my girl and I am outta here”

Jonas furious eyes turned to Davies

“Give him the girl”

Davies held his head, he didn’t understand why no one believed him.

“Dad she is gone, I swear she left this morning before I woke up”

Jonas saw the truth in his son’s eyes. He turned to Edward who still had his gun held up.

“Please Edward, he is telling the truth, the girl is gone already”

Edward withdrew his gun, and with his usual smile he replied.

“Well then, you all have a job now, I need Coco in the next 24 hours or the the deal is off, and you would all kiss the grave, one by one”

Edward was gone, and an uncomfortable stood till Jonas said out loud.

“Call the ambulance!”

The maid who hid for her life, hurried out of her hiding place and called for the ambulance as instructed. Good thing was the girls had gone for shopping that morning.

“Don’t you dare Dad me, you brought this upon my  family, I warned you didn’t I? But you wouldn’t listen! Because of your foolishness!”

Jonas didn’t give Davies the chance to utter a word.

“Now call the girl”

Davies had resolved to keep Coco from Edward. There was no way he would give Coco to such a Dangerous person.

“Dad, I am going to call the police. There is no way I would give Coco to Edward”

The anger that burned through Jonas was one no words could express…he landed a slap across Davies cheek.

“You are mad, you hear me? You have gone mad!”

Callis was in Davies’ flat already. There’s no way he would die for some trash Davies picked from Nigeria.

He searched for the number in Davies’ cell phone and called through his own phone.

“Hello who is this?
“Hello it’s me Callis, Coco you have to come back now, there is this mad guy. He shot Jake and he is going to kill us all if you don’t come back”

Coco ended the call, her heart throbbed against her chest, she stood before and airport already but Davies filled her heart.

“Oh on, Davies”

She turned back and stopped a taxi.


“Dad until when huh? When would you stop cowering before Edward? He is a man! Not a god and he bleeds!”

Jonas was going to land another slap on Davies when Jane interrupted.

“What the hell happened here?”

Davies hissed on seeing her and hurried to Jake. He picked Jake into his arms and whisk past her, straight to the ambulance that got into the compound.

Jane hurried after him and followed into the van, while Callis and Jonas followed in the Jeep parked in the compound.

“What are you doing here Jane, I don’t love you, I will never love you, I love someone else now so stop wasting your precious time just give up”

His pyjamas was soaked with Jake’s blood already. He was less concerned about her presence.

“Listen Davies”

Jane grabbed his arm suddenly.

“I must have you, no one else will, I would rather die than let anyone else have you. You hear me? I would even kill whoever or whatever stands in my way”
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