*30 minutes earlier*
“Why is he taking so long?” Coco thought, the movie she tried to watch to fill in for Davies absence wasn’t working as planned. She still desired him, she craved for him. She rolled her eyes continuously and sighed in boredom, she tried looking out the window, she could see the car metres away, Davies wasn’t anywhere near.

“What’s so important huh? Maybe they are talking about me”

She soliloquized and paced to and fro. She noticed her cell phone beep twice, she had missed a call.

“Oh shit, 5 missed call! How come I didn’t here this damn thing ring, Davies this is your fault, you are in my head stupid!”

She was about to call back when the phone rang again.


There was no response, she withdrew to check if the call ended already or if she mistakenly muted the call, but all seemed fine.

“Hello?” She called again.
“Hello love” Her hands froze, her lips went dry for a sudden cold that crept to her entire body. She couldn’t find any word to say, she stuttered and muttered jargons.

“You miss me?” Her heart that throbbed so fast against her chest was the only response she had to give, she remained mute, even the nerves to end the call was somehow difficult.

“I know where you are, and I am coming to get you”

The call ended and Davies entered.
“Coco calm down, maybe you heard wrong, like how did he get your contact number? And I still find it difficult to believe that he knows you are here”

Davies knew the inevitable had happened already, but he still tried to ease Coco to worry less.

‘Small boy, I hope to meet you again, you have what I need anyway’

Edwards’ words replayed in Davies head. He realized now, Edward knew Coco was in the mansion, he knew all this while.

“What are you saying Davies? This is Edward we are talking about here”

She paused and took another look at him.

“You don’t even know what he is capable of so I won’t blame you for saying all this”

Coco said and stood up to the bedroom. He followed to see her packing her stuffs.

“Where are you going?”
“I have to get out of here, it’s no longer safe for any of you”

Her reply felt like a sting to his heart.

“Please Coco, let me think of something, we can do this, together, we can fight Edward”

Coco dropped her bags to face Davies, if he wasn’t dressed up well she would conclude he had gone mad.

“Davies how many times would I say this? Felix is not someone you can toil with, just let me go”

She resumed packing her stuffs as Davies stood trying to think of something else to convince her with.

“Coco please, you just said you love me, how can you leave me then, that would kill me”
“I love you Davies, that’s the reason I have to leave to protect you, if I love you, I won’t stay here, because staying with you now is worse than death”

She replied while she turned her back to him. Soon she was all set and ready to leave.

“Please Davies step out of the way”

He made a slight move and she was thinking he would let her go but then he caught and hugged her from behind. Her bags dropped from her hands as tears dropped from her eyes.

“Please Coco, stay with me, even if it’s just for this night, stay with me”

She thought about it, although she wasn’t sure if it was safe but she was equally finding it difficult to leave. Reluctantly she agreed and drop her bags. It was evening already, she was pretty sure there won’t be any fun plans, not now when she had Edward registered in her thoughts, she resolved to just take a good look at him so she could always have a picture in her mind when she leaves.


It’s been hours in silence, and Coco was prepared to let it last till the next day but the sound of his sultry voice change her plans.

She didn’t hesitate to follow him as he led the way to the bathroom.

“Pull of your clothes”

Instantly she remembered the night he forced her clothes off her body and bathed her. She obeyed and took of her clothes.

“Come, lie still”

He led her to the bathing tub and made her sink into the warm water.

He picked a soap and ran it through her hair, he was actually washing her hair. No man had did that before, and damn! He was so good at it! The way he ran his hands through the wet tendrils of her hair aroused her hormones.

He slowly ran the soap down her neck and washed her clean. She was expecting more to happen but all he did was bath her again. He dried her body, picked her into his arms and placed her on the bed.

Without saying a word he left to take his bath. She couldn’t understand how this man could see her naked, how he could touch every private part of her body and still withstand the urge to have her. Is he human? She thought. 

“Why didn’t you have sex with me? Like I was weak in your web, I was ready for the take, I wouldn’t mind, not that I have the strength to resist you”

She asked when she laid on his chest.

“It’s you I love, not your body, it’s you I want to keep, not your body. If this is the last night we would be together, then I don’t want you to remember me for the sex, I want you to remember me as a man who loves you, as a man who adores you and who would do anything to keep you”

Coco felt her whole world spin, she felt mesmerized by this man, she hugged him so tight, she didn’t want to let go. She didn’t know what to feel, she felt both sad and happy. Happy because she found true love, sad because it wouldn’t last.

“Davies, I love you”
“Then don’t leave me”
“Davies please I have to, please understand”

The dialogue ended with a sigh, She slept in his arms and when he woke up the next morning, all he saw was a piece of paper and an empty bed.

He picked it up and read the three words she wrote down.

“I love you”

Something dropped from his eyes to wet the paper, it was tears.

“No, no Coco don’t leave me, no Coco”

He hurried downstairs in his pyjamas to find his brothers entertaining a stranger in the dinning room.

“Hey Davies, come over here” Callis called from the dinning room.

Davies was sure of what he saw, it was that same man.

“Meet Edward, he said he is here to see Coco”
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