Davies couldn’t resist the feeling of fulfilment that graced his heart, finally he had Coco where he wanted her to be; finally, she chose to love him.

He soothed her cheek with his palms and placed a kiss on her forehead. She desired something more, she desired his lips, it was like a drug to her now. She was getting impatient already, maybe he had forgotten what he was supposed to do.

“Davies, kiss me”

She requested again with her eyes closed in wait for his lips, she didn’t want to see the expression on his face, all she wanted was his lips. And he granted her wish, he touched her lips and ignited her desires to burn even more. She let out a sigh of relief and drew him closer. She wasn’t satisfied with the clothes he had on, she wanted full access to his body, with shaky hands she unbuttoned his shirt and brought him closer to feel the warmth of his body. He shifted his arms around her and held her against the wall. His lips trailed down to her neck, she moaned a little and dug her hands into his full hair.

“Hello sir”

The maid was there to interrupt.

“Hello sir”

The voice came again, this time a little louder. They broke free breathlessly, each still burning with desires. Coco couldn’t understand what that maid really wanted, she felt she needed to keep a close watch on the girl, to her, the girl was bad news, she was a perfect moment ruiner!

“Sir it’s sir Jonas, he wants to see you sir, it’s urgent”

Davies picked his shirt when he heard it was his father, his father a lot of explaining to do, first on how Jane found him in the mansion.

“Must you go? Oh sorry it’s your Father, you should go”

Davies looked to Coco, he understood she craved for him and he was glad for that.

‘Finally she wants me’

He thought.

‘Wait till she discovers your Father murdered her parents!’

Another thought stole the thrill he felt.

“Oh love, just give me a minute, I would be back in a jiffy”

He hurried out and stood for a while to calm his heartbeat. What if she finds out? What happens then?

“Dad how did Jane get here?”

He attacked the old man the moment he entered the car.

“She is the woman for you”

That was Jonas’ excuse.

“What? Dad you would result to that now? You know what that woman put me through…”

Jonas interrupted with a frown, he didn’t care what  Davies had gone through, what was at stake was of greater importance.

“Yes! Yes Davies I don’t care and I will send her to you over and over again until you come back to your senses and send that girl back to Nigeria!”

Davies had tried to remain calm but he lost it.

“And what happens then? Huh! You cover up your sins?! Huh!”
“No! I’ll protect my family! I chose to protect my family over some stupid love, if you are man enough you would understand and do the same”

Jonas was now thinking Coco might have done something to his son, maybe a spell or something to trap Davies. Davies had always been the obedient one, he couldn’t understand how that changed within few days.

“No father, a real man fight for what he wants, he stands up to face his problem not run from it”

Silence enveloped for a while until Jonas spoke up.

“And you think she loves you? She is using you boy, I paid her one million dollars per day to make you fall for her, don’t be foolish, the girl is only after your money”

Jonas could read the shock on Davies face and he was glad he finally penetrated.

“No, you are saying this to….”
“It’s the truth son, you can ask her, she won’t dare deny it”

Davies thoughts were conflicted, as he walked back to the flat he pondered on what his father said. She was paid to make him fall in love with her? How could she do this to him? Why would she deceive him for money? Maybe is father was right, she is just a gold digger. He felt hurt but tried to tame the feeling, he was yet to confirm his father’s accusation.


He met her seated with her cell phone with fear in her eyes. His initial anger melted instantly.

“What is it Coco?”
“He called” she responded in a low tone.

“Who called?”
“Edward called, he knows i am here with you… Davies, it has begun, he is going to kill you all”
©onyeneke Abel. April 2018 all rights reserved.
Love is a game




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