‘What is this I feel? Am not jealous, no am not jealous, am just angry because he had an ex and he didn’t tell me’

Coco fought with her thoughts as she watched the supposed Jane all over Davies. She was so wrong, she thought she could make good memories before the deal expires. She thought she could love him for the little time they had left, but now she watched her wishes wash off before her eyes. The woman she saw was one she read to be desperate, so desperate that she would do anything to have Davies.

And the painful thing was Davies was mute, he didn’t say anything, he permitted the woman to hug and place kisses all over his face. She couldn’t take it anymore, she counted her steps back upstairs unnoticed.

“Yes it’s me”

Davies was still in shock, this was the woman he loved so dearly, a woman who he was willing to give anything in world, this was the woman he worshipped and cared for, this was the woman he treated like a queen. But then, this was the same woman that made him feel worthless, she never cared about his feelings, she made him look like a inexperience lover boy, she broke his ego, she made him cold, she broke his heart. Now she stood before him in flesh and blood, what was he supposed to do? It took him several years to move past the hurt, it took him painful days to look past the scars and now! She loves him?

“Get your hands off me”

His face tightened to a frown, he was dead serious and she could see it. He didn’t notice his brothers watching the scene from behind. The whole family were witness to what he had gone through. His experience had prompted his brothers decide never to be involved with a woman.

“That’s Jane right, the woman that made my brother mad?”

Jake questioned with both hands tucked in his pocket.

“What is it Davies? I missed you”
“Me too”

Davies muttered like he was transfixed; Jane eyes lit in hope, both brothers who stood behind couldn’t believe what they heard.

“Oh my God, don’t tell me Davies is willing to travel down the rocky path again”

Callis lamented.
“You did?” Jane questioned and placed both hands on his shoulders.

“No, I miss the me that came before you, the me that wasn’t so broken, the me that laughed more and hated less, the me you didn’t destroy”

His reply made her smiles disappear as fast as it came.

“Davies I am sorry, I was confused, I really loved you but I didn’t realize on time, I realized this when it was already late, Davies please, I am here now and I would never leave you again”

Tears began to pour from her eyes again.

“Jane, leave this house now, before I change my mind”

Davies closed the dialogue and started upstairs. 

“Davies?” She cried and attempted to run after him but his brothers were there for the defence.

“No way lady”

Jake took front and stopped her with an unfriendly smirk

“Let me through”

She grew bossy with her request.

“Are you mad? Through to where? Why are you here huh? To bring trouble again? You ain’t satisfied huh? You bitch!”

Callis was not careful with his words, he pushed her through the threshold and slammed the door against her.

“And stay off!”

He shouted at the closed door.


“Coco?” Coco remained quiet still, Davies had called several times but she remained quiet.

He made a move to touch her but she gently removed his hands off her waist. She was still trying to be calm and polite, although flames burned from within her.

“Where is Jane?”

Her question made him realize where the problem was coming from.

He couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Wait, are you jealous?”

His question made her realize that her emotions were betraying her already, she quickly averted her eyes and stood up to pace.

“Me? Am not jealous, I…I’m just…you know, I am happy for you”

She stood with folded arms; it took another minute of an uncomfortable silence to reveal that her excuse was unreasonable.

“Ok Davies I am jealous, like you betrayed me ok, you betrayed me, and you said you loved me but out there all you could do was enjoy all that woman did, she was all over you, kissing and hugging you and you were there enjoying it! So much for your professed love!”

She couldn’t catch her breathe for a while, she was burning in hate, she wasn’t used to being jealous, she had never being jealous over any man, this was her first time. He was still quiet with a smile on his face, and for some reason it infuriated her the more.

“Why are you smiling? Oh this is a joke? I’m a joke now? Say something! Tell me you don’t love her, or that you didn’t enjoy her kisses, or you pushed her away! Just say anything, even if it’s a lie, say it, I don’t know how I feel now, say anything to make me feel better”

Her folded arms where tightened against her chest, her breathing was unstable. 


He muttered and started towards her, she was supposed to hit or push him away from her but she couldn’t, her legs only grew weak.

“I love you, I love only you, does that answer your questions?”

He was standing before her, she could feel his breathe on her lips.

“Only you Coco, no one can replace you, no one, no situation, not even the greatest pain, or the deepest fear, nothing can replace you”

Coco could not understand herself.

‘What is this man doing to me?’

His words sank deep into her soul, it was just words yet her whole system reacted to it. She found herself muttering jargons, and when he touched her jaw, she let out an uneased sigh; an unusual Cold crept from her legs to her lips.

He was going to kiss her but he hesitated and breathe on her lips until she could not bare the torment. 

“Davies, kiss me”

The words escaped her mouth before she realised, she regretted but waved it off.

“Do you love me Coco? Would you fight for me too? In any situation, against anybody, would you?”

There was no point denying it anymore, there was point lying to herself. 

“I love you, I love Davies, I love you so much”
©onyeneke Abel. April all rights reserved.
Love is a game




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