This is Edward, no doubt. Davies found it hard to breathe. He was in for big trouble, Edward was no longer a nightmare, he was now reality.

“And who is this small boy?”

Edward asked looking at Davies direction. Davies felt insulted, Edward didn’t look older, infact, he was sure they would be on the same age range; he dares to address him as a small boy?

“Oh forgive my manners, that’s my first son Davies, come on Davies”

Davies couldn’t understand what his father saw in Edward that he treated the man as a king, how much does Edward have to give? How much money can Edward throw around? The guy is not even equal to his shoes, what’s so special about him?

“Hi, nice meeting you”

Davies exchanged his hand for an handshake but Edward took a while to observe, like he remembered something.

“Your face looks familiar, have we met?”

Davies could hear as his heart missed a bit and throbbed hard against his chest. Many questions welled up in his mind, did Edward see him the other day with Coco? Or has Coco told Edward about him?

Jonas was quick to Interject when Davies opened his mouth to respond.

“Am not sure, my son is an Introvert, he doesn’t associate with people”

Davies looked to his father’s expression, the old man threw a wink at him to cooperate with his idea, he could only read one thing, fear. His father was afraid. 

“Why not excuse us, we want to talk business”

Edward said next and took his seat. Davies was reluctant to move, what was going on? He wasn’t scared of what Edward might do; to him, Edward didn’t look all that evil and dangerous as Coco had claimed.

Although Jonas’ wink made him obey. He waited impatiently till the door opened and Edward came out with a smile.

“Small boy, I hope to meet you again, you have what I need anyway”

Davies frowned at his words, he had no words to reply Edward so he simply watched him till he disappeared into the elevator.

“Dad, what’s going on?”

Jonas didn’t hesitate to answer.

“He knows son, he knows everything about the plan crash, he knows I am responsible and he is blackmailing me for it”

Davies eyes went wide, he realised he was going to lose everything, his money, his life and Coco. Once Edward spills this dark secret to Coco, he would lose her for sure.

“Dad, that is Edward, the notorious criminal from Nigeria, the one you said is involved with Coco”

Davies made matters worst. His father shook in dismay as his weak hands tried to find his chair to sit.

“Oh no, we are finished, you’ve sent her back? The girl, you’ve sent her back?”

Davies sealed mouth meant only one thing, Coco was still in the mansion.

“Davies are you mad? Do you want to ruin this family? We are in deep shit already, you want to mess it up even more?”
“Dad I love her, and I am willing to fight for her”

Jonas held his head with his eyes wide open.

“Jesus, what have I done? Why did I allow this? I only wanted my sons to find true love since I didn’t have to opportunity to”

He was thinking aloud and Davies was there to reply.

“And we found it already dad, all thanks to you”
“No Davies! No! Yours is forbidden, go home now and send that girl back to Nigeria”

Davies was quiet for a while and Jonas was beginning to think he had an headway but Davies slashed his hopes when he replied

“Then you leave me no choice”

Jonas words were suspicious that Davies had to ask.

“What do you mean Father? If you dare hurt her… You won’t dare”

Jonas ignored and sat pensively. He instructed Davies be thrown out of his office when he persisted.

He had a plan of his own, it wasn’t violence, but it would yield results, there is nothing money cannot do.

Davies was back home, he was a little scared to face Coco, he thought of revealing that Edward was already close to fishing them out, but the thought of losing her in the process waved the it off.

He had no plan, no defense whatsoever, but he was certain of one thing, he would fight for Coco, even if it meant giving up his life.


Coco called when he switched on the light to reveal her folded on the bed.

“Davies I missed you”

She hurried and hugged him so tight like he was going to leave her. She had thought about it, she really can’t tell if it was love she felt but she was sure of one thing, she can’t live without this man, he was part of her already, she relies on him for emotional relief, he is always there when she needs him the most. 


Her lips covered his when he attempted to say something, she kissed his deeply, his lips were food to her soul, it was an addiction, she felt contented whenever she touched it. She broke free, she was going to say it, she was going to say those three words that would change everything, finally she was going to tell him the words he desired to hear.


But the maid interrupted the blissful moment.

“Sir, there is someone here to see you, it’s urgent sir”
“Hold that thought”

Davies said and hurried downstairs. Coco felt like pulling a tooth or two from the maid that ruined her moment, she followed downstairs to see who must have interrupted them. It was a lady, a lady who she witnessed hugging Davies with tears pouring down her eyes.

“Davies, I missed so much, I can’t believe this, this is you in flesh and blood, oh Davies, I love you so much Davies”

Coco was both confused and jealous, she burned with heat, Davies betrayed her already? he had an affair?

“Who is that?”

She questioned when Callis stood beside her with the same amazement written on his face. Callis ignored the small hatred he had for Coco at that moment, and with a frown he replied.

“That’s Jane, Davies Ex fiancée”

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