His eyes went wide and for a minute there he felt like the world had come to an end. What did she mean by  ‘i am gone’? Won’t he see her again? The note dropped from his hands, it took him another five minutes to realize his standing position won’t yield him any positive result. He took his car keys and dashed out of the flat, straight to the security.

“Where is she?”

He was still meters away when he began to question the middle-aged man. The fat man hurried to meet Davies, the look on Davies face proved he had lost something precious.

“Who sir?”

The guard had to think wide before he could match the cute ebony to the lady he granted permission to leave the mansion as Coco.

“Oh, that beautiful lady? She left already, she said you called her up to come join you at her favorite eatery”

Davies was becoming strange when he approached the man

“And you let her go?”
“Yes, sir she said…”

Davies interrupted when he grabbed the man by his neck. His eyes were red with pain.

“And you let her go you good for nothing fool!”

He raged in anger and let the guard go when he felt he was wasting more time, he was sure he would still catch up with her somehow.

“If I don’t see her”

He spoke to the rest of the guards.

“I would kill all of you, you hear me!”

He dashed out and zoomed off in his car, his eyes pried through the windscreen of his car in search of Coco. Silently he prayed within him, he can’t lose her, he wasn’t sure if he would be able to live his normal life without her. Coco had succeeded in reaching to his heart, she can’t just leave him like that.

Minutes later, he got stuck in traffic, he had tried to reach her cell phone but her line was switched off.

He hurried out of the car and ran with his legs, screaming her name on top of his voice. He met with everyone who gave him an audience.

“Have you seen any girl with dark brown eyes, a little tall, dark hair, she is really beautiful”

All the reply he got were negative until one had to ask.

“Where are your shoes mister? The weather is cold you might hurt yourself”

He looked down at his legs and realized he left his shoes in his car.

London is a big city, he didn’t know where to start searching for her. Disappointed and broken he returned to the position he left his car and realized it had been towed away by the road officials, he wouldn’t blame them, he parked his car wrongly.

The good thing has he had his wallet full of cash that could transport him back to the mansion. He could not tell how he felt, it was like a part of him went cold. 

“What have you done to me Coco, why are you doing this to me? What kind of woman are you? Why do I feel this way?”

He muttered when he stood in front of the mansion barefooted.

The securities were sore afraid of what he might do to them, their jobs were at stake. 

“He is back”

They whispered among themselves when they saw Davies stood like he was transfixed outside the gate.

Hours past he remained like that, they were becoming worried.

“Maybe he has gone mad, he is barefooted, and where is the car? We should inform sir Jake and the others before this gets out of hand”

One of them suggested as he hurried off.

“Davies? Are you okay?”

Jake called few meters away from Davies, he was close when Davies walked past him without uttering a word.

“Bruh where are your shoes?”

No answer still. He counted his steps to the flat and the moment he pushed the door open he saw Coco. Her hands twitched as she found words to express herself. 

“Davies?” he stood with narrowed eyes, she couldn’t tell what he had in mind, she couldn’t tell if he was happy to see her, or if he was mad at her for leaving like that. She noticed his barefoot, they were sore, it proved he had been out in the cold without his shoes.

“Davies? I’m sorry I left like that, I shouldn’t have done that, I should have waited till you were back and bid you farewell, that’s the reason I came back, to officially thank you for all you’ve done for me”

Her mind chastised her, she knew she was lying to his face, she couldn’t go a minute without thinking about him, she felt she would go mad. She had prepared her ticket for the next day while she lodged in a hotel. It was the right thing to do, it’s not the first time she had left someone behind before, but somehow she couldn’t shake him off her mind. She tried to sleep it off but it wasn’t working.

“What is wrong with me?” 

There was no one to reply her question. Finally, she decided to go back, but she needed an excuse, she didn’t want him to think she came back because she was attached to him.

Davies remained quiet as he stood at the door.

“Hmm, I’ll be going now?”

She started towards him and stopped face to face with him. There was nothing else to say, he wouldn’t talk to her, she couldn’t tell if her presence meant anything, he was blunt and emotionless.

She sighed and attempted to walk past him when he caught her arm. His voice was cold and full of hurt when he requested.

“Wash my feet, you made them cold when you left me”

She looked down to his feet again and realized they were bleeding. Her heart missed a bit, he had been out in the cold searching for her? What is wrong with this man, why is he so stubborn, she would only hurt him. She didn’t stop the tears that welled up in her eyes.

“I’m sorry Davies”

She melted into his arms and sobbed.

“I’m sorry”


Jonas called his son again, it was already 24hours he sent for him. It was unlike Davies, except something went wrong.

“Hello Dad, I’m on my way”

Davies was finding it difficult to leave the house, he was scared Coco would leave again. She sensed his fear and assured him after stealing a long kiss.

“I won’t leave again, I promise” 

He took Jake’s car after much persuasion and hurried to his father. The old man had a lot to say when he saw his son standing in front of him. But there was just one important fact he needed to know.

“What about the girl? You’ve sent her back?”

That was of utmost importance, he needed to know if his family was secure now. Davies has never disobeyed his orders, so he was expecting a positive response. 

“No Dad”

The wrinkles on Jonas face tightened to a frown and he was going to rage when his secretary called.

“He is here”
“Oh okay please send him in”

He dropped the call and turned to Davies.

“We would talk about this later, sit and behave yourself, a very important business associate is here to talk business”

Davies obeyed and took his seat, he had made up his mind, there was nothing his father would say that would change his mind about Coco.

“Old man”

The supposed business partner entered with a big grin on his face, coupled with his bodyguards on each side.

“Well look who it is”

Jonas returned the pleasantries and went in for a hug. Davies’ eyes went wide for shock, there was only one thing he was sure of now; his family is in for big trouble because the man he saw was the same man that has been Coco’s worst nightmare, it was Edward.
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