“What? He is wh…what? Hold on, hold on, i remember you mentioning Edward was the only one you loved”

Davies had to interrupt, the bombshell she dropped was one he didn’t expect, how can Felix(the one who caused her so much pain) be the one who she loves. That’s impossible, maybe there is a miss up somewhere.

“Yes i mentioned that, i loved him, but that was before he went mad with lust and forced himself on me” she thought she cleared the air but it only made him more inquisitive. 

“How come Felix is now Edward? Is Felix a surname or what?”
“I knew him as Felix, the streets knew him as Edward”

Another thought popped his mind, he remembered what his father had said.

“She is extremely dangerous, she has handled a gun before, she has killed people, she was the right hand to one notorious criminal named Edward” He froze for a minute and Coco was beginning to think he was considering the option to pull out. He wanted to ask if all his father had said was true. He thought of a way to tactically ask the question but none of the ideas he had sounded tactical enough. He grew fed up and asked directly.

“Have you murdered anyone before?” his heart somehow missed a bit when he asked, he prayed so hard that she would deny it, that it wouldn’t be true. But then she didn’t hesitate to reply.


She looked deep into his eyes to search for any trace of fear, there wasn’t, he was worried that was all she saw.

Davies was worried now, worried for his family, what if she finds out the truth about her parents death? What happens then? His father was right, he has to send her back to Nigeria before it’s too late. But the thing is, he can’t!

“Ahhhh” he screamed out loud to let out the frustration that boiled within him. His thoughts were conflicted and he was having a hard time bottling it in.

Coco fathomed it was out of fear, maybe he saw reasons with her now.

“You see Davies, i told you so…Edward is dange….”
“How do we kill me”
“Wait what?”

Silence enveloped the bedroom for over a minute. Coco felt she heard wrong, minutes ago she was getting a little relieved that he finally saw reasons with her, but now he responded with the unthinkable.

“Davies are you out of your mind? What is going on with you?”

Davies felt the word ‘kill’ would be the best option for her since she has killed a lot of people before, but with the look of things it didn’t go as he expected.

“Okay how do we put him in Jail”

It didn’t get her still.

“Davies i can’t believe you are saying this, don’t you understand all i have been saying? Edward picked me from the streets, he taught me all i know, how to fight, how to kill, how to survive in the streets and among the rich. Davies i have spent all my life with that man, he can’t be killed. I alone attempted that and i failed”

Oh she has tried to kill him before; he got that point now.

“I do not agree, he is a man, he isn’t a god”

Coco was going to say something else but Davies phone rang to interrupted them, it was his Jonas.

“Hey dad”
“Come over to the company now”

He turned to Coco who sat upright on the bed and whispered.

“Stay put, i would be right back”

But she wasn’t going to yield to his orders this time. He was metres away when he discovered he left his entrance key card at home.

He hurried back to notice a small note on the centre table.

“I am gone, by tomorrow morning i would be back in Nigeria, please don’t look for me, go on with your life and forget about me, i would only bring you trouble”
©onyeneke Abel .April 2018 all rights reserved.
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