I will be there mama

I will be there mama

I will be there mama

I Will Be There, Mama
Let the eagles soar and let the kites glide

let the birds perch as the parrots slide

Let the torrents rise and let the tides climb

while the rich in consonance with time rhyme

I will sail on, I will crawl, I won’t stop

but please mama, wait for me

for I will be there

If Pogba out of the many shades of segregation

could stand out against all abnegation

let the tides rise, let the moon slow its speed

let the fountain drip and let them cloud me with evil deed

as predictable as the sun rise, you shall see me glow

in the feathers of success my joys shall flow

just you wait for me, mama

The sky may look dark and gloomy

the elements may look dull and moody

as the waves spread across the waters

my success shall expand your lips with laughters

just you wait for me, mama

this sun in my palms shall rise

like surety, this hope shall suffice

Wait for me, mama

I will be there

©copyright loveday mcjolly 

July 2018 all rights reserved.

Written by loveday mcjolly.

Email: lovedaymcjolly4@yahoo.com

Facebook username: Ekeke, Loveday Mcjolly

Phone contact: 07064814062

Loveday Mcjolly.


I will be there mama

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  1. Hallos,pls I have not be getting any story or write up or notification from abfictionstories.com….I don’t why,the last update was on 17/7/2018..hope all is well cause have surely miss ur story and b pls any update on love is a game…thank you,and 🖒🖒🖒for a good job..

    1. Oh I don’t know what the cause might be but we recently updated the blog with a write up. And for love is a game. It would be out by September 1st

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