The color of the gods

The color of the gods

The color of the gods

Like a sparrow

let the healing balm from this ink pierce through your ailment

and let your smiles be coloured with the elixir of good health

bleed away your fears

and let my love wed your tears in bliss

smile at me when you are alone

my heart shall reach out and embrace your loneliness

let my love feed your pains

and let us milk this virtue in the nature of true love

your weaknes shall be my strength

and your ailment my plough

in your smiles

let me lie

for black is a healing balm

in your dark skin let me be wrapped

as your smile colours the night

let your radiant eyes melt my emotions

for black is the colour of the gods

©copyright loveday mcjolly .May 2018 all rights reserved.

Written by loveday mcjolly.


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Loveday Mcjolly.

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The color of the gods

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