What if

What if

What if


What if I told you I’ll listen

To every whispers and groans

And not draw conclusions based on your story

Nor tell ours to another soul.

If our love was indeed in form of Birds and

I did blush to all you said

Would you sing in harmony with me?

Would you shield all our memories within or

Curse under your breath? 

When we’re 70 and faint

Will our love be as freshly plucked fruits, untaint?

With your calling out my name as my delicate phalanges runs through your mane?

If you let me I’ll hold you in my arms. 

Would you light my way when it’s dark?

Promise to be soft and not stark?

If I smile while walking down the aisle

Would you play with me in the open while it rains?

I’ll forgive all broken vows

And all of the rest I’ll recite them out loud.

If I heard your wishes I could bring them to pass

I would bear in time a pretty lass.

Lock down the gates of hell.

When your heart sings; mine goes Jingle bell

Would the long years bring sorrow or joy? 

Clean sheets undefiled, no soil.

I’ll pray we be alive to see

All the seeds we planted bring forth fruits.

©anita June 2018 all rights reserved.


Ajayi Anita Esther.



What if

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