Murdered for love

Murdered for love

Murdered for love

His Phone rings. He removed it from his pocket and placed it to his left ear. Hello! Silence! A melodious voice is heard from the other end of the receiver. He spoke into the mouthpiece again. Then came the reply,

 ‘Baby could you please come online, I really miss you. Last night’s experience is really tailing me on’.

‘Okay baby, I am online, let’s chat’. He logged onto his facebook messenger, the chat began.

 ‘baby you really got me smiling…I never knew you could be so naughty’. 

He laughed as he read the text. Then, replied. He was walking on the busy road on his way to watch football. He walked on as he kept on smiling at himself. People turned and stared wondering what could really put this young fellow to such ecstasy. He increased his pace oblivious of the fast moving vehicles passing by and their wreck less driving skills. He reached the crossroads, he has just one turn, then the viewing centre. The phone beeped. A gripping message entered.

 ‘Baby do you know you nearly drained me with your… ‘. All his attention was focused now on the message. He raised the phone to his face covering his half view of the road and suddenly entered the wrong lane. Buaaaaah Shshhsshshshh came the sound from the great collision. He fell down. Lies flat on his back. His head bleeding profusely. The driver has broken his windscreen and has sustained some injuries on his face. He came out and knelt down to feel his pulse. Silence. ‘He is gone!’. He exclaimed. They pick his half-broken-screen phone to try calling any relative. What they saw on the screen awed them. ‘Baby you are such a tiger, do you know you…’.

Silence again! Every eyebrow raised with questions. His girlfriend killed him in the name of love. Some death are worth it, some are not. His death was not worth it. Chatting on the road with his so called bae took his life…

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Written by loveday mcjolly.


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Murdered for love

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