Love is a game [chapter 20]

Love is a game [chapter 20]

Love is a game [chapter 20]

“Who is Edward? You always talk about him, and didn’t you say he was dead?”

Davies popped the question when they were safely back at home. Coco didn’t seem ready to talk, she dropped her bag, pulled off her shoes, her clothes and went straight to the bathroom to cool off. She felt her throat go dry, her eyes were not helping either. She felt sick all of a sudden, the water became too cold that she had to turn off the shower. Memories of her past came afresh.

“Edward got hit, he didn’t survive the shot, he is dead Coco” she remembered what she was told.

“No he traveled out of the country, he is in London, he didn’t die”

Another had objected. But she was sure he died, she saw him fall to the ground, she was hundred percent sure because she shot him herself. She was behind the rumour that he traveled out of the country. She was sure Edward didn’t know where the bullet came from, but now that he is alive, there is every possibility that he might have found out that she shot him.

“Shit, God not now, why won’t my past stay buried, why?” She lamented and sobbed in the bathroom until Davies interrupted with a knock on the door.

“Coco? Are you okay?”

He inquired and got her quick response

“I’m fine, I would be out in a minute” she sniffed in and washed her face clean before she came out. But still, Davies was able to detect she cried.

“Why are you crying?”
“What? I’m not”

She averted her eyes and changed into her night gown. She tied the ropes and went straight to bed. She knew Davies had lots of questions welled up in his mind, but she wasn’t planning on answering any.

“Coco, you’ve not said anything, who is Edward?”

He pushed on and sat beside her on the bed. She shut her eyes tight and prayed he would give up and let her be, but he would not. He kept pestering her until she replied.

“Davies, all you need to know is this, Edward is bad news…he is the definition of death, it’s best if you let the issue die, forget about Edward”

She said while she laid on the bed.

“Coco, you can trust me please I need to know”

He pestered her even more till she flared up.

“Why Davies! Why?”

He waited till she was calm again before he replied.

“Because I want to protect you, and to do that I need to know everything about you”

She didn’t know when she laughed out loud. What can this spoilt rich kid do? She thought.

“You, protect me? Sorry brother but I should be the one to protect you, ain’t you scared? I just said Edward is a definition of death”

He was quiet again and waited till she was calm before he cautioned.

“You are raising your voice on me”
“I’m sorry okay, can you let the issue go now?”

She apologized and laid back to the bed with a sigh of relief but his next words brought her back to her sitting position.

“No, not until you tell me what I need to know”
“Oh Jesus Christ” she placed her hands on her forehead. This man is the definition of stubborn.

“Coco please, I love you, and I want to…”
“Stop it Davies, you don’t love me, I don’t love you, we are just having this cranky feeling because we are stalk here together, like it’s highly possible for both of us to have this feeling of attraction, we sleep on the same bed, do things together, cuddle, kiss and all that. We are both super attractive and yes you would definitely think this temporal obsession to be love. Once I am out of here, you would forget about me. So don’t make the moment get you confused. There is no love here”

She countered his words and attempted to lay back to bed when he caught her arms and pulled her to him.

“What do you know about love Coco, how can you tell that what I am feeling isn’t love?”

He wanted her to explain, perhaps she can help him understand what he felt, he wasn’t sure if what he felt was love.

“I don’t know Davies, I don’t know, I don’t know how to do this love thing, I really don’t care, I’ve got guys in the past who loved me but they ended up heartbroken because I really don’t care, I am not that kind of girl, just stop all this, I don’t want to hurt you, loving me will only cause you pain, you’ve been a great help to me, please I don’t want to hurt you”

She felt a little scared of what he was thinking when he suddenly released his grip and turned his face away from her. She quickly cautioned herself afterwards.

‘Remember you don’t care’ she said within her and quickly reached for Davies before he got up from the bed 

“See Davies, I like you, I won’t deny that fact, but apart from the fact that this is all a game, loving me is death, now that Edward is still alive I can’t love anyone, he is going to kill you Davies, I am thinking of leaving immediately after the deal ends, I will only bring pain and death to you and your family”

She was right, his father had mentioned the same thing, but he didn’t care, he would not let her go, never!

“Coco who is Edward?”

She couldn’t believe this man, after all she said he wasn’t ready to think straight. Okay, if this is what he wants, then she would give it to him. 

She cleared her throat and averted her eyes when she started

“Edward is the Felix from my past…” 
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Love is a game [chapter 20]

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