It was like the world went cold for a minute, Davies eyes went wide, his mouth stood agape and though he tried to say something, all he could do was stammer and settled for

“No…it’s not possible, you are wrong, it can’t be Coco”

Jonas was getting tired of his son being adamant about the issue. This was a big risk, if Coco finds out, it would be hell for him and his family, he loved his sons dearly, he didn’t want to put them at risk.

“It’s Coco son…”

Davies objected again.

“How do you know this? Huh? How can you come up with something like this? How are you sure it’s Coco, you might just he taking her for someone else dad”

He said and felt he made sense, his father shouldn’t be jumping into conclusions.

“I know because I did a background check up on the three girls, I wanted to know who my sons got married to, so I paid professionals to look into them. And apart from the fact that she is a victim of the incident…”

Jonas paused and reduced his tone to a whisper before he continued…

“She is dangerous Davies, that girl can kill you, she has handle a gun before, she has killed people, according to my source she was the right hand girl to a notorious criminal back in Lagos, his name was Edward”

Davies was certain he heard that name from Coco countless times.

‘Edward taught me all I know, he taught me how to survive in the streets’ he remembered she said that during their first encounter.

‘Where did you learn to dance like this? In Nigeria all they do is shake the booty’

He remembered when he asked at the dance floor.

‘Edward taught me..’

Memories flushed through his mind and he was beginning to see sense to what his father said. But then he remembered Coco’s words.

‘I might act cool and strong on the outside, but deep down I am a coward, I am scared, I am broken’

No, he wasn’t sure of who or what she was capable of, but he was sure of one thing, she is not capable of murder, he can vouch his life on that one.

“No dad, she is not dangerous, I know her”

Jonas held his forehead with his palm, he couldn’t believe his son.

“Are you mad Davies? You just met this girl not up to three weeks and you know her already? Ok let’s say she won’t hurt you, what about your brothers?”

The thought of his brothers filled his heart, he had a change of heart immediately, he wasn’t even sure if he loves her, he wouldn’t want to put his brothers at risk.

“Ok dad, I would do as you’ve said, I would send her back on one condition, you would confess your sins to the authorities and get punished”

His father agreed and he started towards his flat. His mind was made up, she has to go, she was dangerous, she could hurt his family, this was the right thing to do.

He was sure he had enough willpower but the moment he stood face to face with her, he melted. She turned to see him staring at her, she noticed he had something to say but he couldn’t force the words out.

“Davies? You wanna tell me something?”

She questioned with a shrug.

“I just wanna tell you to…that…that I love you”

It felt weird and before she could utter something else he covered the distance between them and placed his lips on hers. Her kissed her deeply and drew her into his arms.

“I don’t want to lose you…”

She had a frown on her face, what was going on? 

“Davies are you OK?”

She tapped his back a little when he hugged her.

“I am fine, Its ok”

He broke free and cupped her cheek in his palms.

“Promise me Coco, that no matter what happens, you would never leave me”

She was going to resist but he was persistent until she voiced the words out.

“Ok I promise! You happy now?”

His response was another tight hug and a kiss on her forehead.


From that day onward, Davies treated her like a princess, he kissed her at every given opportunity that she got addicted to his lips, sometimes she caught herself staring and longing for his lips, other times she would stylishly request in a low tone.

“Kiss me”

He would grant her wish and satisfy her hunger. She got used to his scent, his arms and his cuddle. She has never experienced such care from anyone before, it was all new to her that it didn’t take long to get addicted.

“Do you love me?”

He occasionally asked but she always found a way to dodge the question, she wasn’t sure, she didn’t want to commit herself to this man, she was certain he wouldn’t hurt her, but she didn’t trust herself, she was paid to make him fall, what if he finds out? What happens then?

It was the last week already and each of the girls had positive reports to give. 

The boys had a meeting to extend their one month deal with an extra one week. It was settled then, just this time, the girls felt guilty that they accepted the deal without a pay.

Coco was so glad the deal was extended, although she didn’t want Davies to notice. He took her to their favourite fancy eatery and ordered her favourite dish. He had taken his time to study her likes and dislikes, she was equally amazed. He knew virtually everything about her personal kinky life. Although she made him feel he didn’t know her well enough.

They had a nice meal and were just close to the car when she saw someone, someone from her past, someone who made her heart stop for a moment.

“Davies…In the car now!”

She pushed Davies in when he lingered and hid while he drove off in speed.

“Who was that Coco?”

Davies asked when they were metres away from the eatery. Her eyes were wide in fear when she replied.

“Its Edward…”

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