“What? He said that?”

Stacy was first to exclaim when Coco repeated what Davies had said.

It was another day to chat with the girls and she was glad. Since yester night Davies had been quiet, he felt he had said too much, and Coco on the other hand went mute as well, she neither gave him a reply or shunned him off. This was what she had always wanted, that he falls in love with her so she could get more money and of course dump him afterwards, it is what she had planned out. But now, as she stared at him, she didn’t want to do that anymore, Davies had penetrated her walls, she didn’t want to break his heart.

“Davies, I think you said that because of how vulnerable I was, like I look pitiful, you helped me out and it’s almost certain you might think you are falling for me”

She said before they slept but he remained quiet.

“Davies?” She called, still no response.
“Go girl! Wait how did you do it?”

Valerie spoke out next, she was certain Coco might have done some magical myth to get Davies in her trap. 

“how about sharing those magical stuffs with me, I need the money too”

Valerie finished it up and got Coco laughing for a while.

“What? Is it funny?”

She questioned and looked to Stacy who shrugged in response.

“I didnt use anything, I know its weird, I mean its just one week and some days, but the truth is, it’s just out of pity, he pities me and thinks he is in love, Davies is not emotionally stable, today he is good, tomorrow he is something else”
“Pities you how” Valerie asked the same question Stacy was about to ask.
“Hi girls” it was Callis passing through 

“Hi” both Stacy and Valeria replied in unison. Coco remained silent, she had a smile to the corner of her lips and Callis could see it wasn’t a good one.

“Hey Coco, you look beautiful today”

He said next with a smile on his face. Both girls were scared for how Coco might react but she was surprisingly calm and she smiled in return. They were about to ease up when she questioned.

“Is that your problem in life?”

Silence enveloped the scene for a while until Callis raged in response.

“Excuse me? You said what?”
“You heard me”

She fired back and turned to the girls.

“Shall we? we were discussing something important”

Callis stood with tightened fist, there was nothing he could do to Coco, he knew what the repercussion would be, Davies would surely pull a tooth or two from his mouth.

“Excuse us Callis, we wanna talk, girls talk…you are not a girl, are you?”

He found it difficult to move his legs but he had to, he knew if he stood another minute, he would rage at her.

“Ok that’s my husband you were talking too, although that was freaking awesome girl! You served him”

Valerie squealed and nudged Coco a little.

“Listen girls, I think I got the key to these guys. Sorry to say but Callis is a sex freak, to get him you have to stop him from getting inside you. You have to prove to him that you can do other things apart from just sex. Right now all you mean to him is sex, let him fall for the real you. As for you Stacy, give Jake space, stop running after him, soon he would begin to wonder, he would miss you”

Both girls sat speechless for a while until Valerie spoke out.

“Jeez Coco, you are the love expert”


Davies was troubled, his father, Jonas sounded urgent when he called, it was like he discovered something dangerous that needed to be terminated with immediate effect. And he was right, but he never imagined to would be about Coco.

“You have to send that girl back to Nigeria now, with immediate effect. She is dangerous”

Jonas said the moment they met in his car. Davies found it funny for a while and then got serious before he replied.

“I don’t think that would be possible dad”
“Why? You don’t love her Davies, and yes I know you tried to fake the marriage. I am only helping you out now, divorce her and send her back to Nigeria immediately, you can get another wife”

Davies saw his father tightened expression now, the man wasn’t joking. This was serious.

“Dad that was before, I like the girl now Dad…I like her. Okay give me a reason why”

Jonas was quiet, he knew his son wouldn’t understand, and he would never give in until he told the truth.

“Remember Lervante Valdez, the man who was going to ruin my company?”

He asked 

“Yes dad I do…he died right? Why are we taking about him and how does he relate to Coco?”

Jonas permitted the tears to fall now.

“How did he die?” He asked next.

Davies was getting confused now

“In a plane crash…Dad where are you heading too?”
“Son, I killed him, I planted an assassin to make the plane crash. The plane crashed as a result of fuel leakage, I was responsible”

Davies eyes went wide, he couldn’t believe his father was capable of murder. And it was not one person involved, more than a hundred persons were on that plane 

“Dad, Valdez is evil, I get that, but it doesn’t mean you have the right to take his life, and for God sake there were other innocent people on that plane, people who had families, do you know how many people you made fatherless? Motherless? Or even an orphan?”

Davies asked, he couldn’t believe his ears and he was not ready for what he heard next.

“Yes I know, and Coco is one of the people i made an orphan, because her parents were on that plane”
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Love is a game

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