Coco pushed Callis now but it was way too late. She froze in fear when she saw the rage on Davies face, it was like one she had never seen before. His hands were tightened to a fist, his eyes stone red.

“Davies, Davies it not what you think”

She stuttered out as he raged towards them in haste and landed his fist on Callis. Callis tried to retaliate when he equally gave Davies a push and a blow to his cheek. Davies wasn’t moved, he was more firm and stable, he grabbed Callis by his neck and landed his fist against Callis lips; it bled out immediately. Coco was confused, she shouted on top of her voice and called for help.

“Help! Davies stop, you are going to kill him!”

She called when she saw Davies had pinned Callis to the floor, feeding the boy cheeks with his fist.

Jake was first to reach the scene, the girls followed and so did the maids.


Jake called out and brought them apart.

“What the heck, what’s going on here?”

Jake questioned at the sight of Callis bleeding lips.

“It’s…it’s…Callis, he tried to…”

Coco tried to explain herself, she tried to narrate what had transpired but Davies would not give her the chance.

“Coco! Upstair now!”

Davies ordered with red eyes, but she persisted when she continued.

“But Davies I…”
“I said upstairs now!”

His voice thundered and reverberated in echoes.

She shook in fear and hurried upstairs, she wasn’t sure what happened next, the scene went quiet, even when she tried to eavesdrop, she heard nothing.

“Both of you, come with me”

Jake was the youngest but at that time, he had the say.

“You two, to your flat”

He ordered the girls and took his brothers to the bar beside the swimming pool.

“Callis spill”

Callis knew he did wrong, he didn’t have anything to say in defense, all he could mutter was

“I did wrong”
“Yeah you did bastard”

Davies still raged but Jake was there to stop him from acting on it.

“What did you do?”

Jake continued.

“I emm, I kissed Coco”

He said as he tried to avoid Jake’s eyes.

“You what? Damn bro, why? I thought we all agreed we would chill till after one month, you can’t keep your thing in place? You fucked up Bruh, big time”

Callis felt he was the victim, he needed to say something in defense, although he didn’t mean it but he still needed to justify himself a little.

“Well it is not my fault she exposes herself with sultry clothes she puts on anytime she comes out…plus she kissed me back! So it means she wanted me too”

Davies initial calmed flame rekindle that it burned against his chest.

“She what?”

He questioned like he didn’t understand what he heard.

“You saw it yourself Davies, she kissed me back, she only broke free when you called from behind her. Look am sorry for hitting on her but your girl isn’t helping matters too, it’s not entirely my fault”

Davies felt he was going to burst, he left both boys and raged upstairs to Coco.


Coco paced round the sitting room, she bit her fingers in fear for how Davies might react, would he listen to her? Would he listen to what she had to say? She froze when she heard his footsteps approaching the door, she swallowed hard and tried to control her breathing, she had to be composed while she explained.

Bam! Davies barged in and slammed the door behind him.


He thundered even when she stood right before him.

“Davies please listen to me, I didn’t kiss him, he kissed me…”

She didn’t drop the word when he completed it

“And you kissed him back”
“What? No…I didn’t, I was go to push him away from me…”
“But you didn’t Coco, you kissed him back because you wanted to! That’s the reason you dress half naked when you go out? Huh you bitch!”

She felt her adrenaline charge up at his accusations but she tried to calm herself, she understood he was angry, and the position from where he witnessed the scene, she was sure he must have thought she kissed Callis back.

“Davies I didn’t kiss him back, he forced himself on me”

She said and felt it wasn’t convincing enough, but hey, it was what happened, there was nothing else to say.

“Oh come on Coco”

He said with his hands on his forehead.

“He told me himself that you kissed him back because you are into him, stop denying it you slut!”
“What? I didn’t… Wait you would believe him over me?”

She was getting confused with the situation that she felt she was going to cry.

“And who do you want me to believe? A slut over my brother? You said it yourself remember, that you love guys for the sex alone! You are nothing but a slut!”

That’s it, she had it up to her breaking point, she thundered a slap across his cheek twice.

“Don’t you ever call me a slut! You don’t know what I’ve been through, you don’t have a glimpse of what life can turn you into, what do you know? Huh?”

Tears began to drop from her eyes despite the fact that she tried to clean them off.

“Huh? What do you know when all you’ve had in life is a silver spoon on you table! I might have done a lot to survive on the streets, but I never for once, sold my dignity for money, so don’t you dare call me a slut you bastard!”

Her voice became tearful now. She was trying to keep track of her own words, she didn’t know if she made sense.

He didn’t know what to feel, why who would this girl he just picked from nowhere have such an effect on him. Why is he this jealous that he feels the need to rend her apart.

“I don’t want to see you Davies, get out!”

He chuckled in shock, she was asking him out of his own flat.

“Are you mad? I’ve you gone mad?”

He asked with red eyes but she wasn’t move by it.

“Get out or I would leave this place”

She wiped her face and started towards the door when he didn’t move.

“Coco come back here!”

He called but she payed a deaf ear until he ran and caught up with her. He pulled her to him and without thinking, he placed his lips on hers.

She pushed him from her lips and slapped him so hard that she felt the pain on her palm.

He wasn’t going to stop, he drew her close again and forced his lips on her; he was angry and since he couldn’t hit her, he had to let it out somehow, he was hard on her lips, tearing off the night gown she wore.

Pleasures began to grow hard until when she suddenly jerked him off, panting heavily.

“Davies stop”

He wouldn’t listen, he felt she was a slut, she should enjoy kissing him just the way she kissed his brother! But it went overboard when she let out a sudden outburst.

“Felix stop! Please don’t do this to me, please!”

He pulled away from her immediately.

She dropped to the floor, shivering uncontrollably.

“Felix please! Please, don’t do this! Please i’m begging you! Don’t do this to me!”

She screamed on top of her voice and began to convulse, her hands went cold, her eyes shut, she folded to herself and burned up.


He shook in fear and picked her into his arms.

“Coco! No no no, Coco!”

 He dug a pen and forced it into her mouth to keep her teeth apart.

Questions welled up in his mind. Was she going to die? No she can’t die! What would he do if something happens to her? And who the hell is Felix?

©onyeneke Abel .March 2018 all rights reserved.

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