“Sleep on the bed, I would sleep on the couch”

Coco felt she heard wrong.


He didn’t look at her the second time, he disappeared into the bathroom to have his bath.

She wanted to take a peek but controlled her emotions and stayed put.

He was calm on the couch when she asked.

“Where is your mother? You’ve never talked about her, it’s just your Father”

He was quiet, too quiet that she sat up to see if he was asleep already.


He remained quiet that she felt she had overstepped her boundaries. She was going to lay back to bed quietly when he muttered.

“She died…” She sat up and pushed further 

“She was sick, I was too young, she bled to death one fateful day, I couldn’t do anything, I was helpless, I was foolish, I screamed but no one was there to help”

She was pensive for a while, she understood now, she understood why he took care of her, he felt he would lose her just like he lost his mother, the sight of her blood must have triggered the memory.

“It’s not your fault Davies…”
“Yes it was! I failed her! I watched her die in my hands, I was incapable, incompetent!”

She allowed him rant in pain while she walked round the room to find a violin.

“You play?”

She obstructed him, holding the violin with a smile on her face.

“Yes? My mother taught me”

She brought the violin and placed it in his hands.

“Ok play, let’s remember mum together”

Reluctantly he accepted and touched the strings skillfully, she wasn’t sure he would play well but he superceded her expectations and got her emotions heightened. She felt the perfect sound call out to her, she wasn’t satisfied with staring from the little distance. She went over and sat with him, still trying to keep her emotions bottled up she placed both her hands in between her thigh.

It was too much, she knew she if he goes on like this, she won’t be able to hold it back. She stopped him from playing and brought his head to her thigh.

“Mum has heard you, she is happy you can still play”

She said and soothed his hair and found herself sobbing softly.

“Thank you Coco, thank you”

She steadily placed his head on a pillow when he fell asleep and dropped on the bed to sleep.

She woke up the next morning to discover she was alone.


She felt the spell must have fallen off, he might be back to the unreasonable Davies she knew. She put on a pyjamas and started downstairs.

“Well hello beautiful”

She held her face with a digusted sigh when she noticed it was Callis with a bemusing gesture.

“Hey what’s up”

She replied shabbily and walked past him to the kitchen. As expected he hurried after her and caught her by the waist. She struggled and released his grip.

“Stop it Callis, you got a wife right?”

She said and poured herself a glass of water.

“Come on Coco, stop proving stubborn, we both know you are one wild girl, you’re good at this huh”

She forced a smile on her face and covered the distance between them. Slowly she reached for his lips and placed a finger on it.

“Yeah that’s what I’m talking about girl”

He broadened with smiles and attempted to trail his hands down to her butt when she stopped him.

“Yes I am wild but boy, you will never get this girl, nice try tho”

She smacked his cheek a little and nudged him out of the way. He felt insulted, she was not going to get off the hook this time. He hurried after her and made her turn; he was quick to knock off her defenses and placed his lips on hers. She was going to push him away but the issue was Davies walked in to see Callis kissing Coco.


He thundered from behind her.
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