TWISTED FATE (A short story)

TWISTED FATE (A short story)

TWISTED FATE (A short story)

Abigail had to take her time in planning out this heist. This wasn’t the usual restaurant and clubhouses she is used to, it isn’t the small parties either, this was huge, it was big and she would make a hit. It’s the necklace, it’s pure gold and it would fetch her lots of real cash, cash that would last for a long time. She needed an invitation card to such a sophisticated party and the good news is, she knew where to get one. Who is the target? Tanner Daveport! One of the big boys in town. She was busy with her mini laptop trying to run a background check up on all the rich guests who would attend the party, although they weren’t her primary target, they were a means to an end. Her father was a veteran who turned a professional thief, he taught her all she needed to know about the supposed job, it is the only way to survive in the cold streets of New York. Her targets were high profile clients she finds at Manhattan bars and restaurants. It was more easy to have her way with the male escort where she can be shielded to steal, or the back seated targets, the easiest was Purses hanging from hooks under bar rails. But just as her father had taught her, the biggest challenge fetches the big cash. It was part of her hobby to enjoy a tough challenge, living in New York city’s high society, fancy parties, clothes, and lots of money were challenging enough. Her father always said “It’s how you present yourself, how you blend in with the affluent clientele at Manhattan bars and restaurants, that’s how you get paid” although she had always laid low under the shadow of her father who does the stealing while she learns from it. But when he passed away on her 23rd birthday, it dawned on her that it was time to take up the mantle. She put all she learned to practice and soon she began to make waves. There was no mother to argue against or caution her profession, she could barely remember anything about the woman, all she could only draw memories from the portraits her father had revealed to her. “This is your mother Abigail, she passed away when you were three” that was it, her mother was a figment of her imaginations, nothing more.

The day was upon her, she had been able to whisk through the surveillance of a big boutique and made away with one of their most expensive stilettos gown with a woven high heels. Her beauty was not one to ignore, it only took seconds to get the attention of the rich men. She paid little or no attention to them this time, they weren’t her target, although she had different means and opportunities to steal from them, she resisted the urge, her mind constantly reminded her of how useless that petty stuff would be at the possession of that gold necklace. It took more than thirty minutes for the famous Tanner daveport to grace the event, she understood he had been detected behind the tainted glass upstairs were he drank with his friends, he was only visible to the general guests now for recognition and a toast. 

This was it, she had taken her time to build her profile among the guests, the top guests were amazed at how she flowed and revealed little stuff about their lives and normal daily routine. “Are you not some angel” David Parker a big business tycoon had said in amazement.

“Thank you all for honouring my invitation” Tanner’s words grew faint in her ears, she knew it was time, she could see the gold necklace dancing on his neck as he demonstrated, she had calculated her movement, she knew once the electricity goes off, it wouldn’t be hard to spot the necklace which would glitter in the dark. And boom! The electricity went off. She whisked among the crowd and got to her pretty boy. With smiles on her face, she snatched the necklace and stole through the back door.

She was indeed happy and proud of her success. she had a buyer lined up already and a fancy getaway vacation where she can relax until the dust settles. She didn’t wait for the next day, she had booked a flight for that night and planned to cancel it if her plans failed, but now that it was a success, she won’t waste the time and get caught. 

TWISTED FATE (A short story)Tanner found something spectacular about the lady, she was smart, true to herself and she was the real deal. He had met lots of girls who lived a double life to save their high profile societal life. But Abigail Palmer was the opposite, she wasn’t scared to reveal his kinky stuff to her. She was a little surprised that he made sure she put on the necklace whenever he took her out. He treated her like a princess in a castle, he was intelligent and his whit captured her heart. Of course, he was in total control of her wants and she does virtually all he wanted, but surprisingly she was falling for that too.

And like a flash two weeks came to an end, Tanner gave her the necklace as a parting gift, warning her not to cross his part again or he won’t be so generous. He had fallen for her but he wasn’t sure. And for Abigail, it was hell, she tried to sell the necklace as planned but she couldn’t, it was all she had left of her time with him. She tried planning another heist but she couldn’t concentrate, he was in her head, in her thoughts and it was messing up her game big time. She couldn’t deny it anymore, she had fallen for this man, and no matter how weird it sounded to her, she made up her mind to go back to him.

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TWISTED FATE (A short story)

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