3 unforgivable things you shouldn’t hide from your boyfriend

3 unforgivable things you shouldn't hide from your boyfriend

3 unforgivable things you shouldn't hide from your boyfriend

To excel in your relationship, you just have to be open and honest as possible.

The degree of acceptable openness in each relationship is debatable, of course, as there are some things which are logically better left undisclosed.

 To a large extent however, openness cannot be downplayed and in your relationship with your boyfriend or husband, there are things that you are duty-bound to inform him.

Below is three of those things

1. Your expectations

He should know what he is getting into, right at the start.

The mistake most women make is that they assume that being sensitive is the same thing as being a mind reader.

No man can be sensitive to what he does not know. Of course, there are general relationship things that anyone in a relationship is expected to know but again, if you have a special, preferred way of having things done, say, your love language for example, you have to let him know about it – and very early in relationship!

Please make these very clear right from the start. If you are not upfront about your expectations at the beginning, you cannot expect your partner to conform to your requirements later in the relationship.

2. Children from a past relationship

First things first, this means that you have to acknowledge those past relationships. Let your partner know how you’ve fared in the dating and relationship game.

Also, you cannot keep mum on whether you have any children from previous relationships. Even if the kid is not with you, or if you are not in touch with them, your partner needs to know.

3. Abortions and medical history

Except for being HIV positive or living with Sickle Cell Anemia, your medical information is not something you’d share right off the bat, but at some point you’d have to; especially if the relationship is becoming serious and you sense that your boyfriend wants to take things more serious.


3 unforgivable things you shouldn't hide from your boyfriend

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