Coco took a while to inhale deeply before she pushed the door to meet Davies glued to the TV set. She knew he could see her and it didn’t take long before asked.

“What did he tell you?”
“Relax, he beckoned I submit to you. And I think I would do just that, I would drop my ego and yield”

Davies couldn’t hide the smirk that graced his face, he stood to face Coco humbled expression and then turning away he replied

“Yea you should bitch”

She shut her eyes and sighed to calm the adrenaline that tried to burn.

“You just wait bastard, I would break your wings”

She muttered through her clenched teeth.


It been three days now and Coco has been in her best behaviour, she tried to condole Davies nasty attitude and she was getting tired of sleeping on the couch, she desired the massive bed but Davies wouldn’t let her. Davies was growing suspicious of her sudden calm approach towards him. He wouldn’t let her out of his sight, he wouldn’t let her mingle with his brothers, he was was so possessive that she was growing fed up. This wasn’t working, Davies wouldn’t fall for her if he can dominate and use her anyhow he pleases. No, he won’t have his way.

“I am going downstairs Davies, it’s been three days, if I can’t talk to your brothers then at least let me talk to the ladies, I see them at the garden, the swimming pool, oh and at that bar that looks like a mini club house”

She was pointing at all she could see through the window pane.

“But I don’t get to enjoy all these because you cook me up here!”

He attempted to say something but Coco would not give him the chance to, she knew it would be some authoritative command to stay put.
“No Davies, keep that to yourself, I am going down to get a glass of water”

She was close to the door so before he said anything else, she was three step downstairs.

She took to the massive kitchen and got a glass of water for herself, she was on the third sip when she noticed Callis standing beside the refrigerator.

“So finally, she decides to show herself to the world, we were never going to eat you Coco, please come out of your little shell more often”

Coco didn’t want to jump into conclusions but she was certain his eyes were on her butt. She wouldn’t blame him for staring, her night gown was susceptible enough to reveal her silk bom-short, plus she was braless. Her hips and slender figure wasn’t helping matters as well.

“I would if you take your eyes off my ass”

She was direct and winked at him to prove she caught him.

“Or my bad, I wasn’t smart enough”

He uttered next and started towards her seductively.

She allowed him cover the distance between them, she didn’t stop him when he wrapped his hands around her waist, neither did she stop him when he drew her close to meet his chest.

“Well like I said when we first met, don’t you think we are meant to be?”

He giggled out and bent to touch her lips, he was a breathe away when she placed the tumbler before his lips.

“Not so fast pretty boy”

She released his grip on her waist now and cupped his cheek.

“I am not one of your fancy girls, nice try though, I appreciate the effort”

He was speechless as she started upstairs.

“Now this has gotten a little interesting, no one refuses Callis, I would get you girl, I must”

 Instantly he resolved to have her no matter what it takes, he loved the challenge, he just has to play his game well.


“Father wants us to attend a dinner party, I just received the text now, get ready”

Davies was all dressed in his single-brest suit when she entered, she was expecting him to lash at her the moment she entered but he seemed distracted. 

She sighed in relief and started for the bathroom when he called.

“And don’t think I forgot what you did”

She froze and turned immediately to defend herself but he was quick to hush her.

“Please Coco don’t start, go get ready, when we are back home we would talk about this”

She shrugged at the idea and took a while to appear her best. Her stiletto heels fitted her backless white gown perfectly. The gown was a little fitted so it wasn’t hard to notice her figure.

“It’s just us?”


She asked when she came out to meet with Davies. She caught him staring but decided to pretend like she didn’t.

“On the contrary, we are the one delaying the others, they are downstairs waiting”
“Oh alright, let’s hurry then, hold my hands”

Surprisingly he didn’t refuse and she was glad for that.

“Oh my God, guess who it is? The goddess of beauty”

It was Jake smiling broadly, Coco took a quick glance at Davies, he didn’t look quite happy at Jake’s compliment, she didn’t care anyway, neither could she stop the colour that rose to her cheek.

There were two cars in place and for a minute there they contemplated on which car to use. Coco had an idea, she needed to speak with the girls and this was a perfect opportunity.

“Ok I think the girls should ride in one and the boys the other, it’s classic”

They all bought the idea, each group had a lot to discuss.


“Davies I have a new found interest in your chick”

Callis was first to speak up, his words met Davies hardened face.

“You better back off, she is mine”

Jake laughed at the scene, Callis was actually the son that took after his father.

“You would never change brother”

Callis ignored Jake and pushed on.

“Ok, after the one month deal, we would all get a divorce right? Can I have her after that?”

It took a while but finally Davies grumpily agreed to it.


“Coco right? You look like the proud one, you don’t roll with the girls, maybe we stink”

Valerie, Callis’ wife spoke out first. Stacy didn’t go well with her assumption, she hushed and defended Coco.

“Come on Valerie, we should hear from her first”

Both eyes turned to Coco who cleared her throat and replied

“Ok we all know these boys are bastards right?”

Without hesitation they all agreed with a quick nod.

“Mine is kinda cool, I think he is scared of me, Jake barely talks to me, infact I sleep alone on the bed, he sleeps on the couch, like who does that?”

Stacy spoke out and got Coco eyes wide open.

“Oh my…if only we could swap…mine is a total bastard, I sleep on the couch, he is so possessive and controlling, he is the reason I don’t come out of the flat, I don’t even know what to do with him”

Coco lamented and got Valerie laughing

“What’s funny?”

Stacy asked and got a reply

“Mine is a sex freak, would you believe we’ve had sex more than ten times in just three days?”

Both Coco and Stacy gasped in unison.

“Are you serious? Mine is just twice and it was all me because the guy is so damn irresistible, I couldn’t help it, i had to seduce him”

Coco felt left out, she wasn’t sure Davies would even look at her twice.

“The only kiss I got is on our wedding day, the guys is a stone, am not sure he has got human feelings”

Coco couldn’t stop the girls from laughing at her outburst, she waited till they were done before she asked.

“How are we going to make these boys fall for us? No offense but yours is a scared cat…”

She pointed to Stacy

“And yours a flirt”

She turned to Valerie who nodded in response

“And mine, what would I say now, a stone? A bastard, a freak? He is just bad news, so hard headed, stony heart, unreasonable…”
“Coco can we move on? We’ve heard enough, yeah Davies is the bad one”

Stacy had to butt in.

“Yeah I just wanted to really explain how evil that guy is, like how can I get someone as stony as that to fall?”

It was a good question and she made sense.

“And how i can i get Jake to fall for me too? It’s like he is in prison and can’t wait to get out”

Stacy seconded.

“And mine is a flirt, he won’t settle for one woman”

The car stopped and interrupted them. The flickering lights reflecting on the car was proof that they had gotten to the destination.


“we can bail from here man, we don’t have to go back to the mansion”

Jake suggested as they stepped out and started towards their wives.

“Forget it bro, dad would cut your allowances”

Davies smacked reality to his face.

The party was a quiet one, each couple took to a table. They were expecting to see Jonas but he was not present; it was quite a relief to the boys.

“Coco, what’s wrong?”

They were ten minutes in the party when Davies perceived she wasn’t comfortable even when she tried to conceive it. She constantly swallowed hard as perspiration stood on her forehead.

Coco couldn’t believe herself, she was sure she calculated this monthly visitor to visit the next week, or she calculated wrong? God why? Not when she is on a white gown, plus they were at the VIP seat in front. Why does this have to happen now? Why now? She held her forehead and forced the words out in a whisper

“Davies…it’s…it’s my menstrual cycle, I’m all wet with blood”

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