Coco was strangely quiet and Davies didn’t bother to ask why. The journey to the mansion was a quiet one, no jokes, no talks, just the breeze that blew against their skin.

Coco was going to trail off to sleep but Davies nudge her gently

“We are here”

Coco had fathomed the mansion would be something she had seen before, it wouldn’t be anything new. But then, her eyes glowed as she gasped at the sight of the mansion. It was three duplex in one, likened to a castle.

“And when I thought I had seen it all”

Coco muttered and got distracted when Davies called.


He extended his right hand to her. She stood in thoughts, she didn’t want to get too attached to this man, he didn’t look fit for the game.

“I can walk on my own”

She resisted and took front…she was stylishly looking for an angry or jealous expression but he was blank and he cut short her expectations when he nudge her out of the way with an uninteresting gesture.

“Suit yourself, you should be lucky you even get to touch my hands”

He stood halfway and turned to see her lingering behind.

“Hurry, I hate sluggish girls”

She simply ignored, the high heels she wore was beginning to hurt her. She had it on for too long.

Davies got to the gigantic door and made a clap with his hands. Coco witnessed the door gave way at the sound. Her lips gave way for an inaudible “wow”
“Take this way up to our flat, the first door by the right, I will join you afterwards”

Davies instructed and watched her struggle with her gown and the high heels.

She got to a limit and thought it wise to pull off her heels. She knew Davies was watching but she didn’t care now, her poor legs were of utmost importance.

She got to the door, whisked past the well-furnished sitting room and sank into the bathing tub.

The thoughts of what Davies had put her through that day washed through her mind.


It escaped her lips but she didn’t regret it. Quickly she reached for her bag and dug out a cigarette, she felt the need to take a stick or two.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go well with Davies.

“What the hell! You smoke?”

He met her seated in the sitting room with the cigarette in between her fingers.

“What? You’ve not seen a woman smoke before?”

She replied although she was a little scared at Davies expression, his eyes were strangely narrowed with wrath.

“I won’t talk about this again, put that thing off. And if I see you smoke again, I would cancel the deal”

She still had the cigarette lighter in her hands when she rolled her eyes in weariness.

“I won’t ask where you learnt how to smoke, I know Edward would pop up as usual”

Davies continues as he let down his suit to reveal his bare chest. His thick arms and broad chest were not something she could ignore. Her eyes stared him down to the hair carved perfectly below his navel. She adjusted her sitting position and with a mild cough she tried to keep her voice in its normal pace when she replied.

“Yeah, Edward would pop up, so don’t just start”

He started for the bath tub without saying anything else.

Minutes later he was on the bed and Coco was about to join him when he suddenly questioned 

“What are you doing?”

She appeared shocked and a little confused.

“What do you mean?”

He sat up and questioned directly now.

“What are you doing on my bed?”

She understood now.

“Wait, I shouldn’t sleep now?”


“I didn’t say that, there is a blanket in the wardrobe, take it and sleep on the sofa”

He pointed to the sofa at the far end of the bed.

“I didn’t pay you to sleep on my bed”

She shut her eyes and swallowed hard. She didn’t understand the guy. Few hours back he treated like his woman and admitted he was jealous, but now he treated her like thrash.

She took to the wardrobe and pretended she fell to get his attention, sadly he remained unmoved.


Jake saw reasons with what Davies had said, although Callis didn’t go well with it. Davies had called for both of them as soon as they entered the Mansion.

“Listen these girls are tools…a means to an end. What we would do is abandon them till the one month is over”

Davies had suggested.

“How do we do that?”

Callis questioned with folded hands.

“Listen we’ve all got some work to do right?”

Both callis and Jake looked to each other with their cornered eyes. They felt Davies had forgotten one important detail, so Jake decided to remind him.

“Emm Davies, we have nothing to do remember? Our inheritance is the only thing that would get us busy”

Davies knew that fact.

“I was talking about clubbing and the other funky stuffs man”

Callis frowned instantly.

“Forget it, it won’t work, just enjoy these girls till the time elapse and try not to fall for them, father put us in this cage with them for a reason, make sure he doesn’t realize it”

Callis had said it all but Jake resolved to try Davies suggestion, he missed the club anyway.


It was his supposed wife.

“You won’t come to bed?”

Jake didn’t give her a second look when he replied.



Coco opened her eyes the next morning on hearing Jake’s voice reverberating from downstairs.

“How can the stupid security keep us here like prisoners! We are not permitted to go out of the house until Father permits it? What nonsense!”

Coco attempted to flit to see but Davies was there to interrupt. He whisked out of the bathroom with his shaving stick in his hands.

“Go back to sleep, this is family, it’s none of your business, don’t forget what I paid you for, I didn’t pay you to pry into matters that doesn’t concern you. Mind your business”

He spurned and lashed on her with his harsh words again. Coco sighed and smiled within her. She was a little surprised with the way she swallowed all Davies craggy attitude. Although, she wouldn’t ignore the fact that she had an impending rush of adrenaline burning inside her, ready to burst.

Within minutes the noise died down, she tried to eavesdrop but Davies had shut the door and all she could hear were whispers.

She heard his footsteps approaching the door, so she quickly withdrew but it was too late, he caught her.

“You peasant! What did you hear?”

She ignored and started towards the mini wine bar. He felt Insulted, she shouldn’t walk out on him, she should answer his question when he demands it.

“I asked a question!”

He scooted towards her and grabbed her arm.

“Nothing Davies”
“You better not”

She didn’t know when her subconsciousness denied her desire to keep calm; she fired back instantly.

“Or what? Huh…what? You would do what!”

Davies wasn’t surprised with her outburst, he was actually expecting her to let it out sooner or later.

“Coco control your words, remember I paid…”
“Or spare me that thrash! Who do you think you are? You are nothing without your father’s wealth, are you not ashamed of yourself? Work with your hands lazy oaf”

Davies eyes went red with wrath. He grabbed her waist when she tried to move and made her turn to face him. His hands went up in the air but paused when Coco doubled her pace and stood even closer to him.

“Don’t you dare”


“You forget your place bitch, you forget you are nothing but a tool I would dump like trash once I am done”

She wasn’t sure what she felt but she was going to prove to this arrogant man that she can’t and won’t be treated like thrash. She moved even closer until she could feel his breathe on her lips, he didn’t move an inch, her guess was he felt he was prepared for whatever she had in mind.

Her mouth opened but the knock on the door interrupted.

“Is everything alright sir?”

It was one of the maids and simultaneously they lashed at her.

“Get out!”

The maid was scared that she initially forgot the message she wanted to pass across.

“Chief is here”

Davies understood that it was Jonas.

“Tell him I would be with him shortly”
“He doesn’t want to see you sir, it’s Coco”

Coco gave Davies that taunting smile when she noticed the frown on his face.

“So much for family business don’t you agree”

She said and laughed out loud, of course she did so on purpose.

Davies expression tightened as he watched her leave his sight. There was no woman he couldn’t control, but this one is something else.

Jonas was in a hurry and his body language proved it. He took Coco to the car in wait and cleared his throat to speak up in haste.

“Listen I have spoken to both Jake and Callis’ wife, i know my sons tried to fake the marriage, so I am going to beg you for one thing, please ensure this marriage lasts more than a month”

Coco frowned, this was impossible, how can she survive that arrogant man for more than a month? She might innocently murder him.

“What do you mean sir?”

She acted like she didn’t understand his point.

“Listen I would take care of your entire family and grant you money beyond your expectations, I would grant you anything you wish, just keep this marriage for me, please I am begging… If you can’t keep it then give me grandchildren”

Coco felt this was ridiculous, it was indeed getting out of hand, this was not what she bargained for.

“Sir I…”
“Coco please, I have less than six months to live, I want my sons to experience love, even if it’s just for six months”

She tamed the frown on her face and went pensive for a while before she replied.

“Sir, it’s going to be difficult, I am not the marriage person, but I can make Davies fall for me, after six months the deal would be off”

Jonas had another agenda but he was willing to start with this one.

“Yeah, make him fall for you, I would fund all your needs”

While walking back to the flat, she couldn’t help but give way for the smile that graced her lips.

Jonas has changed the game play. Now she would change the rules, Davies treats her like thrash, like a tool. Now she was going to make him fall no matter what it takes, and then she would dump him afterwards. He thinks she is some tool, he thinks she is nothing but thrash, well she would make him feel loved and important and then dump and treat like he was a tool to get her pay, that’s the true meaning of thrash


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