Coco wasn’t sure if moody Davies would be a good dance partner, but she was willing to give it a try anyway. She noticed Jonas in the company of the booties, the man was an obvious flirt, no doubt in that.

One minute she wished Davies would have no trait of the old man, but the next minute she waved it off, it’s no business of hers.

“Alright Dave, show me what…”

He was quick to interject as he held her waist with his right hand and made her turn in rhythm to the beat.

“Hmm, impressive, I…”

He Interjected again as he drew her to meet his grion, his other hand trailed down her gown to the dimples above her butt.

“You talk too much”

His words were supposed to spurn her but she strangely felt intrigued.

He lead with the first step, nudging her to flow; there he goes again, bossing her even on a dance floor…

He made her turn and picked her one footed high heels with his thigh, holding her thigh over his as he made her throw her head backwards.

His stability was arousing, his breathe trailed from her neck down to the line between her breast, she took a deep sigh, her silk stilettos gown served as a mild protection.

She brushed her hands through his hair and got his jaw hardened, eyes narrowed to convey the buried message they both had within.

“Where did you learn to dance like this? In Nigeria all they do is shake the booty”

Davies muttered a breathe away from her lips.

“I didn’t just grow in the streets, Edward taught me all…”

“There you go with this Edward again, you know I’m beginning to think he would be a problem”

Davies interrupted as he picked her right leg to wrap it around his waist, his hands trailing from her ankle up to her thigh.

She suppressed the moan bubbling inside her and choked the words out.

“He…he is dead Davies, dead”

She felt she should warn against his unassuming jealous trait, but she instantly felt she would be jumping into conclusion.

“Ahh, emm, don’t you think you hands are going way too far?”

She questioned his hands sliding underneath her gown.

“What? You scared?”

“I am”

He chuckled now but she countered it when she completed her sentence.

“Don’t flatter yourself, I am scared for you…you are heading for a poisoned Apple”

He laughed mildly now, he just loved her guts. There was no need to reply her words, he had another task at hand, he observed the music heading for climax and to surpass the others on the dance floor, he swayed Coco against her wish and caught her in a jiffy.

They stood breathless for a minute when the music died down. She didn’t feel the need to comment on his skills, she felt he would feel to big. The guy is too full of himself, it was an obvious habit, another reason why she hates his guts.

“Dad wants to see us”

She scoffed in resistance and was going to spurn his request when she noticed the old man waving at them. She shot him a deep look till he replied with that not-my-fault gesture.

“Keep doing this shit, it juices up my pay anyway. And I’ve not received an alert for the one month deal”

Davies wrapped her hands around his before he countered her request.

“Oh please, you are talking to a billionaire, I can buy your entire generation, don’t plague me with peanuts”

Oh she shut her eyes in a pending adrenaline, she began to imagine how she would go through a full month without leaving at least a slap or two against his fine cheek

Coco tried to be tactical as she feigned a proper cat-walk while going towards the stylish old man. She didn’t want to look absurd and local. And also a part of her wished the devil with her wouldn’t notice. But as devilishly as he can be, he noticed and made a slight chuckle with a mocking tone.

“Stop feigning that shit, it doesn’t suit you, walk well”

Coco clenched her teeth and tightened her grip on his arm like it was supposed to hurt him.

“For once Davies…” She said

“For once try to be nice”

The volume of her voice was a little inaudible but he heard her.


Jonas beamed with smiles when they both stood before him. Davies found it ridiculous as he rolled his eyes, Coco found it awkward as she feigned a smile.

“Alright off you go”

Jonas bade the strippers and focused on the couple before him.

“Coco, before I say anything, I want you to know that my son is a chronic bastard”

It didn’t take another milliseconds for Coco to chuckle at his words and nod in response. She let out a satisfactory gasp and was probably too excited to mutter.

“Finally, someone agrees with me on that one”

She realised herself and apologized, she couldn’t tell what Jonas had in mind, his expression was blank. And for Davies, well she ignored his stare, she fathomed it wouldn’t be good.

“No need for that pretty, infact I was intrigued, you are one pretty girl”

Davies was quick to roll his eyes when he noticed the color that rose to Coco’s cheek. She smiled broadly and offered a slight bow with a mild response

“Thank you sir”

Davies couldn’t believe his father was already flirting with his wife, he cleared his throat to remind them of his presence and adjusted his sleeves button to act like he wasn’t interrupting.

“So yeah what was I saying?”

Jonas got Davies signal and trailed back to purpose.

“About Davies being a…”

Coco held a pause, she didn’t know how best to present the words without sounding rude…

“oh that”

Jonas helped her out and she was grateful for that.

“But, he is a nice man, if you get to know him”

Jonas completed his sentence, one Coco didn’t really digest well.

She looked to Davies to see a taunting smile to the corner of his lips.

‘He must be feeling big now’

She thought and hastily replied Jonas before he noticed she was stalling her positive response to his words…

“Of course he is sir”

“Well alright, enjoy your marriage, I’ll be expecting grandchildren soon”

Coco couldn’t hold it in, it sounded so ridiculous that she burst out laughing, one stare at Davies while Jonas said that out loud triggered the alarm. Davies rolled his eyes and was quick to respond.

“Oh father please”

Coco held her mouth from ruining all the formality she has tried to put up.

“Well of course sir, I’ll get you a girl”

Jonas was glad to hear that.

“Well then, enjoy”

He turned to Davies and handed him the keys.

“Here is your key to the mansion, your brothers are there waiting”

Davies clumped the keys and took Coco by her arm to hastily walk her out when she lingered.

“You talk too much”

Minutes ago when he said that, it sounded romantic, but now she felt like smacking his eyeballs.

“What do you mean? I didn’t say much, your Father did the talking”

She fired back and was quick to dodge an incoming drunk.

“Well you were good at piloting the laughing part” he said


She giggled now.

“Well it wasn’t my fault that…”

“Coco get in the car”

He interrupted her with another signal that she talks too much…

‘Oh God help me to go through the rest of this night without pulling a tooth if this bastard’s mouth’

She thought and strapped on her seat belt as instructed.

“Wait are you jealous?”

She had to ask, she noticed he wasn’t always comfortable when she stood or talk with the opposite sex.

“Yes I am, you belong to me”

She was a little shocked at his response, her thought was he would try to deny it.

“Are you serious Davies? This is a game remember? I am free to date anyone I want to, this ends in a month, you don’t have any right over me”

He ignited the engine and was stern in his response.

“You belong to me as long as you have my ring on your finger. Yes! I am always jealous when you talk to another man, especially my family. You try your best not to make me jealous huh?”

Coco had nothing else to say, but one thing was clear, things were getting out of hand and then a question popped her mind, is this still a game?


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