Davies was observably trying to tame her; her voice reverberated that he feared every passerby would want to pry to perceive just what was going on.

He clenched his teeth, a little confused but he was hell-bent on getting what was rightfully his.

“Listen, you’ve come this far and you just have to keep it this way…”

He made a pause to notice both her hands on her waist, one look at her eyes twitching subconsciously denoted she had an outburst fuming inside her.

“And listen, don’t feel too big cos I’m coming to you, you mean nothing to me, this is just business, if you won’t do it then tell me, I’ll look for someone else, it’s that easy!”

He was obviously trying to tame the anger he felt at the whole situation.

“Wait, you wanna treat me like trash huh? Huh?”

She walked towards him and knocked off both hands hanging on his waist.

Instantly he knew this girl would be trouble…

“Well look for someone else, I’m not fucking Interested ok…am not!”

He held her back, red faced, narrowed eyes, lips drawn, veins protruding.

She released her hands from his grip and took a step back in shock. His voice was so loud, so thunderous, that she couldn’t concentrate on what he had said, only the tone in which he had said it. He had become a whole different person. His shining, gold eyes had twisted into a dark and gloomy black. His eyes narrowed and his teeth clenched together. His hands fisted in rage.

“Listen! I would not lose my entitlement because of your stupidity!”

She wasn’t going to submit to this rude man, but she was careful not to talk back now, his rage was something else.

“Ok chill, and be polite else I’m not promising anything”

She watched his hardened expression dissolve to a sigh of relief before he nodded and muttered.



“Now that’s the spirit man…that’s it”

She was going to nudge him playfully but he was quick to avoid her.

He was at the door when he requested.

“Change into the stilettos gown, we are going downstairs, Dad insisted we have a dance”

She hated the fact that he was bossy, he virtually forced his will on her and oh she hated him for that.

“Davies I’m tired, how about tomorrow?”

“Not an option”

He was out and the next minute he beeped her cell phone to hasten her.

She knew her makeup went all wrong, she was too tired to place the right touch, she didn’t care anyway. One minute she felt she would look like an infidel in presence of the others, they were all astonishingly handsome and pretty diversely. But the moment she stepped out, Jake was first to exclaim that his wife (Stacy) frowned at it.

“Oh well, well, well, what do we have here? the perfect beauty”

She couldn’t tell if he meant what he said but she couldn’t stop the colour that rose to her cheek.

“Come on now, hold my hands, I’ll help you down”

He met her by the staircase; Davies was not going to let his flirty brother have his way with Coco, he whisked and took front.

“Hands off brother, you’ve got your wife”

Coco couldn’t tell what he meant with his sudden appearance that denoted a trait of jealousy, she didn’t want to consummate either.

Stacy was a little glad for Davies’ intervention, she extended her hands to her husband but he wouldn’t take it.

He turned to Coco instead and voiced with a smirk.

“Coco don’t be fooled with his cute face, my brother has no human feelings, he’ll break you, he’ll tear out your fragile heart”

He was being humorous but Davies didn’t find it funny, his narrowed eyes did the magic and Jake was quick to excuse himself.

He looked to Coco, trying to ascertain if Jake’s words got to her, she was blank and appeared like she had nothing to say.

He took her hands and led her to the dancehall, she could notice the flickering lights from a distance, instantly she felt the fatigue ooze out of her system, she was so in for this. Davies held her back when she attempted to whisk in to the hall, he felt the need to clear the air when she wasn’t saying anything.

“About what Jake said…”

She was quick to Interject, first with a chuckle and next with an uninteresting gesture. She felt he must be feeling too important so she had to smack reality to his face.

“Don’t worry Davies, I’ll keep my end of the bargain, but don’t fall for me pretty boy, you’ll only hurt yourself. Remember, this is just a game”
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