It’s gonna be one massive wedding ceremony boys, the talk of the city, my boys would be getting married on the same day”

Jonas said with a smile to the corner of his lips.

“What? Dad, we got our wives already…we can’t get married to more than one wife, for God sake dad read your Bible”

Jake chipped in, hoping he still had their cover intact. Jonas had called up his three sons, after meeting with each of their wives, on the same day. He was quite amazed on how his boys were quick to think they could maneuver their way around what he wanted.

“Of course i do read my Bible”

His sons scoffed in unison at his words.

“Really I do, it says one wife”

Callis butt in with a sigh now…

“Yes dad, one wife… And we’re married already”

Jonas laughed again, and this time, he kept them wondering where they went wrong, the plan was too perfect…unless someone must have blown their cover.

“You know you boys don’t love your Father…I didn’t get to witness your wedding ceremonies…how thoughtful of you boys”

“Dad, you are always busy”

Davies said shrewdly, and made a gesture to his brothers to back him up.

“Yes dad, busy with you know…work, the chicks and all that”

Jake followed.

“Especially the chick part dad. You’re always busy”

Callis topped it up and prompted Jonas to his final decision.

“Good, but if you want your inheritance, you would get married before me, this week, or lose everything”

They knew their father, his word stands no matter what, this means trouble for them.

“If you would excuse me, I have a meeting to attend”

He left them and gave way for a impending silence for sometime before Jake spoke up.

“We should try and convince dad, he would come around”

He said, although he knew it was nearly impossible to convince the hard-headed man.

“Bro you know that’s bullshit. He didn’t fall for our cons…we have to think of something else”

Callis Interjected and stood up to pace.

“We would have to get married for real”

Davies was absolutely right but his brothers were not getting the thrill.

“Are you fucking serious? Man I’m not ready for some prison man…I gotta go clubbing, the chicks…come on man…Just kill me then”

Jake was first to blurt out.


“Seriously bro, marriage? That’s hell to my whole existence.. Damn it…I’m not sure the blonde wouldn’t agree to that…I already paid her off”

Callis said being thoughtful.

“Well you would have to get her back and strike a new deal with her, we can always get a divorce right…? listen, once we get our inheritance, we divorce the chicks…simple logic”

Davies made perfect sense.

“Hmmm, ok then”

And just as presumed, it was the talk of the town. The ceremony was all over the Internet, across the nation and beyond. The sons of Jonas King, a multi billionaire, getting married on the same day.

Coco had prayed countless times, she forgets to pray most times but whenever she needed something, she’d first pray for forgiveness.

“Dear Lord, I’ve not been praying, please forgive me…please Lord, don’t see this like I just want to request something from you, in fact, I promise to always pray from now on…

Dear Lord, please, I am getting married, my humble prayer is that this marriage ends in a week. Lord, any plans of the devil to elongate this marriage is cancelled in Jesus name”

Well she forgot to pray again…and when it came to her noticed she bit her fingers.

“Shit, Lord, I forgot…please don’t…”

“Coco, please would you stop mumbling and twitching your eyes? I’m trying to make you up”

It was the paid make up artist. Rumor had it that she was the best at the job. Although coco had initially doubted this but the moment she was true, Coco glanced at the mirror and asked in shock

“Is this me?”

Coco couldn’t believe the sight…she was actually getting married, she laughed, frown and cried at some point…she laughed because she achieved a dream of age 35 at 24…not that she had marriage in her dictionary. She loved her freedom. She frowned when she imagined she would have to forbear Davies rude and unreasonable attitude for another one week. She cried when she remembered her parents, if only they were alive to see her this beautiful and getting married to the son of a multi billionaire…

“You may now kiss the bride”

In unison the three boys barely touched their woman’s lips…the priest made an attempt to go on but Jonas wasn’t satisfied.

He took front and questioned the crowd, with the mic well audible to portray his voice.

“Is that even a kiss? Kiss, kiss, kiss”

The crowd followed suit and roared with the word.

“Oh what the hell”

Davies exasperated in disgust.

“Hey, I brushed my teeth this morning… Can you get on with it?”

Coco questioned when she observed Jake and callis had gone to business.

“Don’t take this personal, remember it’s still business…I can’t have….”

“Oh for the love of God Davies, kiss me already”

She cut him shut when she interrupted and got his lips on hers.

She didn’t mean to, but she had to admit, he was a good kisser…and his soft, full lips were working magic…he passionately teased her lips and unintentionally, her hormones began to respond…and when he pulled it off, she was tempted to ask.

“No sex right?”

She needed him to say it so her subconscious emotions would perceive the deal and obey.

“Dad? It’s a done deal, we got married, can we have it now?”

The boys met after the ceremony and agreed to approach Jonas for the inheritance

“Oh, why the rush boys, I prepared a villa already, for you three, go have your honey moon first…and take note, no one leaves the villa till after 1month”

Davies couldn’t believe what he heard.

“One month?!”

Coco got the news next, her eyes went wide.

“What the hell, wait it’s one month now? What happened to one week?”


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