Yipee! lets get to know me better! ask me any question!

Yipee! lets get to know me better! ask me any question!

Yipee! lets get to know me better! ask me any question!

Hi guys! It’s me onyeneke Abel and I am here to disturb you again!๐Ÿ˜.

So today is kind of boring for me since the election going on has restricted unnecessary movements. So after thinking of what to do to keep the adrenaline burning I decided to set up some funky questions for myself and and I sincerely gave my answers. Read through and if you have any other questions for me, feel free to drop them in the comment box afterwards.

Lol, I am feel grumpy already๐Ÿ˜‚… Alright let’s go!

1. *At what age did you have your first kiss?*

My first kiss was in primary two. Funny because i didn’t know it was my first kiss until primary five when bobo have join bad gangs. You would be asking how, relax lemme tell you. So one aunty came to stay for a month and was using my lips to practice for wedding day. Innocent me was thinking aunty is licking saliva.

2. *Whats the cheapest gift you have ever received?*

So in primary five, my classmate bought a fancy chewing gum and gave it to me as a gift, telling me he bought it at 20naira, back then it was big money. I got excited and allowed him copy my answers to our previous assignment. Well i later discovered the chewing gum was sold for five naira.๐Ÿ˜’
3. *which would you rather go without, a comb or a wristwatch?*

What’s the use of the writswatch if i look like black monkey? I prefer comb o. People are not quick to notice your wristwatch(except those slay boys pocket girls). But they notice your hair at first sight, i don’t want someone to start thinking i escaped from oba zoo.
4. *Qualities of your ideal man or woman?*

No girl can meet up to the standard i desire in a woman. So for the love of God, Don’t just give me headache and we are good to go๐Ÿ‘Œ

5. *What would you do with one million naira?*

I have a blog and a writing career I treasure with my life. If I get 1million naira now, trust me, my blog would be just like that of  Linda ikeja๐Ÿ˜. I would invest and cover more interesting platform, get an app for my bookstore, employ more hands and trust me within 5 months I would be earning twice the amount.
6. *Would you marry a virgin?*

I know most guys would say yes to this one but me eh, I would love to but its not compulsory o. When i want to do things it will now turn tug of war, sister will be slapping and pinching me, I love good girls that are wild in bed, i cant stress myself. But hey! We’ve got some virgins that are badassess in bed so just be a good wife material, being a virgin is not a do or die affair, it’s just keeping your pride for the right person.
7. *When was the last time you had sex?*

Jesus! Who asked this question? If you want me to answer this particular question to drop your comments below, I would answer it when you do.

8. *What virtue do you think is your greatest asset?*

Patience, some of my niggas who started this writing career with me ran away o.๐Ÿ˜ you know what i mean, patience is the virtue that has always paid well for me.
Alright guys if you have got any other question for me, do drop them in the comment box! 

And I know some people would want to try out these questions. So here is what’s gonna happen. You would create a post/writeup answering each of this question and send it to me on WhatsApp +2348160830305 alongside your picture. Remember it is going online, so do you have to balls to answer them?๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Ž


Yipee! lets get to know me better! ask me any question!

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