Love is a game

Chapter 4

Coco’s life has been a total mess; one that she detest anytime she tries to think of it. Her parents had left her in the hands of her aunt when they both died in a plane crash. 

No they weren’t rich, don’t  think that, infact they were poor but got lucky when her father won a jackpot of 12million naira bet. And a free flight to the united States of America.

Coco had insisted her dad travel with his wife, since it was strictly one passenger to tag along.

You know how the story ends…the plane crashed. The money claimed by her aunt.

She first met Jonah in frustration, her first love. Her aunt has made life unbearable that sometimes she was locked out of the house. Jonah helped and screwed her.

“Don’t worry baby, I’ll be gentle”

He reassured when he took her pride and dump her afterwards.

“I’m not feeling this shit anymore ok?”

That was his excuse.

Philip came next, screwed and blew the same reason to her face.


Edward was the one she’d never forget. He was the king of the streets, and even though it didn’t work out when he lost his life to the streets, she never fail to thank him for teaching her on how to survive the streets.

Davies snapped and brought her back to the present.


She questioned hoarsely, the words just made meaning to her.

“Fake marriage Coco, keep your voice down”

It was a great relief, she sighed and crossed her legs.

“My father has 6months to live, he has been diagnosed with an incurable cancer…”

She made an attempt to show her sympathy, but he cut her shut, just to show that he didn’t need it.

“He has refused to share the inheritance among his three sons, until we all present our wives to him. It was all a joke at first, but later on we discovered he was damn serious. And he was ready to give out all his assets to the public if we didn’t comply”

He gulped a glass of water down his throat and Coco seized the opportunity to ask.
“Did he say why he wanted you all married?”

“He never got married, he had us from different mistresses”

“Oh” Coco nodded like she got his point.

“He must be some bad ass father”

Her words sounded funny to her, but Davies wasn’t buying it.

“What? It’s funny”

She chipped in before she asked another question.

“How did you get me a visa in less than 12hours?”

“I had it prepared before hand”

“But you didn’t know my name”

“True, your new name is Tricia King”

She attempted to protest but got the feel of the name the next moment.

She chipped with a smile igniting her jaw.

“Tricia king? That’s hot, I like it”

He was too Stern and quiet, he wouldn’t oblige to her taunts and jokes.

“Would he ask for pictures, documents and all that?”

She pinched his arm when he wasn’t responding.

“Don’t ever do that again”

He warned but he observed she wasn’t moved.

“They’ve all been put in place, all we need is take photos, we’ll do that once we get to London”

“Ok, but for how long will this marriage thing keep up?”

She was pestering him with questions and he was getting offended.

“A week, you can go back to Nigeria afterwards, If he requests for you, the excuse would be you traveled to see your parents…and Coco can you do this Job?”

He put the question to her with his cornered eyes picking the arm she threw across his shoulder.

“Yeah of course”

He made a point to her hands around his shoulder and asked the question again.

“Oh, don’t mind me, not my fault tho… you’re hot”

Coco eventually slept off, after lots of trials to make Davies fun, all to no avail.

Her head fell to his shoulder, he felt disgusted by it. With a tip of his finger, he gently pushed her head away from his shoulders.

“Coco, Coco, get up, we are here”

The chill, cozy breeze that cooled off her skin, the lights that brightened the environs, was something that ignited splits of bubble in her system.

“Somebody pinch me”

She glimmered with Joy.

“I’m in London?”

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Love is a game

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