Coco sneak out plan was perfect, though Jerry, the pet dog was going to blow her cover when she threw her bags through the window pane.

The thud ignited Jerry’s barking. She scrabbled through her bag and found a cracker biscuit she had packed. She tossed one to the dog and he calmed instantly.

“Don’t worry boy, I’ll be back in no time”

She soothed and hurried off. Jerry was the only friend she had. People found it interesting when she reveals the name of her best friend.

“It’s Jerry”

“Wow, he is one lucky guy”

The response she always get with a thrill. But then she cut short their imaginations when she concludes.

“It’s a dog”

Weird right…?

Davies was set, it was past 7 and he waited impatiently for Coco to meet up with him. If she makes him miss his flight, hell would be let loosed.

He fitted into his dark single breast suit, silver coloured Prada shoe, dark shades and his silver portfolio to Match.

“Take care of business over here. I don’t know when or if I’ll ever come back to Nigeria”

davies instructed Peter as he gesticulated at his wrist watch.

Peter missed his friend, the new Davies was not the Davies he grew up with. Davies was full of life, naughty and fun to be with. They had funky adventures together. During high school, they were brawlers and terrorists to the entire school.

All that changed when Jane tore his heart out. He met Jane in college, even Peter liked her. Davies loved her passionately, he was crazy over her that Peter grew jealous when she took half the time they spent together.

She was daughter to an equal influential business man, and anyone who heard the tale of the lovers predicted they were meant to be. He was making plans now to put the ring on her finger. He took Peter and together they selected a diamond ring, a perfect match for her Beauty. Until the D-day. Peter presented the invitation card on a visit to the house.

“My brother gave me this, can you represent me there? I don’t think I can make it”

Davies saw the deal as nothing.

“Anything for you bro”

But the next minute he froze, rushed to wash his face before he took another look.

“What is it…?”

“It’s Jane, this is Jane’s full name, she is getting married?”

Peter snatched the invitation card to confirm, he had not paid attention to the name.

“Oh no…”

He muttered; Davies dialled Jane immediately.


Her voice rang from the other end.

“Don’t baby me, don’t baby me, Jane you’re getting married?”

She was quiet now.

“Answer me!”

“Ok, ok. I’m sorry Davies. Look I like you but I discovered a new guy, he is cute and I love him…”

Peter could see Davies hands shaking.

“Jane please am begging you. I love you with all my heart. Jane you promised me, you promised you’d never leave me. Jane I want to propose, I bought a ring already”

His voice was hasty and shaky. Full of hurt and pain

“I’m sorry Davies, I know you love me but I discovered that I just like you, that’s all, I’m sorry”

She ended the call. Well Jane ended up divorced after a year of an abusive marriage.

But Davies, a part of him died that day, one that Peter could not bring back.. It was 10years ago, now he was in his late thirties and entitled to own his share of his father’s wealth across the country and its environs. But the deal put to him, and his siblings who had their spectacular reasons for remaining single, was to get married to earn their inheritance.

And that is where Coco fits in.

She appeared panting with her bags lingering on her arms.

“You are late”

Davies pointed out and gave Peter a quick nudge before he started out of his office.

“Late? It’s just a minute past 7. I’ve never been this early in my entire life. At least I deserve a credit”

He was quiet as he made her sit in his ride and zoomed to the airport.

“Are you ready for this?”

He finally asked when they were safely in the plane.

“Ready for what? Ok sorry, but you’ve not given me any hint on the job”

She countered his question

“Are you ready to be my wife”

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