Love is a game? Does that even make sense Davies?”

Peter tailed him from behind. He hated the fact that Coco got the spot. He didn’t like her guts, and he felt she was going to be big trouble.

“Yes, she’s the one I need. I’m taking the first flight tomorrow, back to London, now send the girl to my office”

Peter stopped when Davies doubled his pace.


He cursed and started towards the Hall. Coco was back to her seat, busy on her iPhone. Instantly he began to wonder how she got her hands on an iPhone, she must be some thug or something.

“Hey Coco, come with me”

He instructed and turned to leave immediately. The building was a little complex, and so when called for her, he made sure he was quick. He did so on purpose, hoping she lost her way.

“Go through that door”

He instructed with a frown on his face

Davies sat facing her; different thoughts flooded her mind, but whatever it is, she was pretty sure it wouldn’t be something she can’t handle.

She felt he was too handsome. His beards caved down his cheeks, fitting into a perfect side beards. His lips had an oval shape and it appeared tasty below his slight pointed nose and soulful eyes. He had a nice shave, one that suited his slight v-shaped faced. She was checking him out stylishly and he noticed.


He called and snapped her out of her reverie. She didn’t see the need to reply so she simply conned the office with her eyes and chipped a smile at the corner of her lips in response.

“Coco, tell me a little about yourself”

She was quick to chuckle at his question.

“Trust me, there is nothing to tell”

She replied shrewdly. Her personal life was hers to keep.

“You have to get serious here, I don’t have all day”

She read the disgust his tone so she had to adjust to his taste and touched the tip of the iceberg

“I’m an orphan, I live with my aunt who makes life a living hell for me, I’m a street hustler, and I’ve managed to fend for myself”

He didn’t show any remorse or sympathy to her summarised story, that was the least of his interest. She could feel the line on her forehead head crinkle as she looked any pity in his face. He showed none, it didn’t sound new to him.

“You’ve fallen in love before?”

She nodded with a scoff.

“With who?”

“7guys in total; they were all equal bastards”

He smiled now, but she didn’t find it funny.

“You loved them?”

She hesitated and felt he was prying into her personal details.

“I’ll need this info for what I would need you for”

He explained and eased her paranoid mind.

“Loved the first 3, the rest were for fun and for the cash”

He was quiet for a while, and for a minute there she felt she had said too much.

“What kind of fun?”

His question erupted strange butterflies in her tummy. She felt he was being too ridiculous, but he was quite serious, with no sign of levity.

“That kind of fun, sex fun”

He sighed when she averted her eyes to regain her confidence. She felt embarrassed talking about that, he must feel she is some flirt. The next minute she didn’t care.

“Good, I need you for a job, no strings attached. When I mean no strings I mean no feelings, no love, no sex…Strictly business, and you would be well paid”

She didn’t get his point, a thought popped her mind and she gasped in response.

“It’s not prostitution”

It was like he pried her thoughts and countered her outburst. She nodded with a questionable expression still.

“Would it be a problem if I take you out of the country”

She tried so hard to tame the thrill that welled up in her, well robust, ready to burst. 

“It’ll would be my pleasure sir”

She didn’t care if she was rational in her decision to tag along with a total stranger, on the bases of a Job that has not been revealed to her yet. Her mind was immediately made up to take the risk, as far it takes her out of the country and out of the torture she called home.

“Alright, get your bags and meet me back here at 8am tomorrow”

She was up and at the threshold when he called out to her.

“And Coco, don’t be late” 

©onyeneke Abel .February 2018 all rights reserved.

Love is a game




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